Drive Motion Pictures Examines the Future of Business in New Film

Drive Motion Pictures Examines the Future of Business in New Film

Drive Motion Pictures explores the future of business in a new documentary that has just been released to film festivals throughout the United States. The Film, "The Paladins," looks at six very different businesses and exposes the difference makers in each organization that have allowed them to flourish in these trying economic times.

“We set out to identify those key elements that allow businesses to thrive in difficult economic times,” said Executive Producer Brian Weaver. “What we found was that businesses in which a strong infrastructure supports passionate individuals at all levels of the organization are able to do very well.”

The film chronicles the success of six companies in the United States and the United Kingdom. While the individual businesses are very different, their stories share some commonality. Most notably, the organizations each had a champion who was able to make a difference that elevated the business to another level.

“With The Paladins, we wanted to put a face on the future of business,” said Dena Hysell, writer and director of the film. “As we explored the story behind each of these businesses, it was clear that there was always an individual that brought forth needed change. We wanted to tell that story and show how strong organizations embrace change and embrace these difference makers."

The film shows how change in business is successful when those involved understand the mission and are empowered to act on it. They are empowered through institutional support that includes new tools and technology.

“While we focused on the people at the heart of change in these organizations, there is no doubt that technology is a common thread through all of the stories,” Hysell said. “These enterprising individuals were given the tools they needed to move their companies ahead. “
Profiled in the film are U.S. companies Hallmark Business Solutions, in Minneapolis; Pandora Jewelry, in Columbia, Md.; Taser in Scottsdale, Ariz.; and Driscoll’s in Watsonville, Calif. In the UK, the film looks at Lotus F1 race team and Richmond Housing Partnership.

The Paladins is being submitted to various film festivals in the U.S. with an anticipated broadcast debut in 2013.

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