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DEEN BROTHERS THANKSGIVING Among Cooking Channel's November HIghlights

Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos are back with a third season of Extra Virgin on Wednesday, November 7th at 9:30pmET/6:30pmPT exploring local foods and creating elaborate Italian dishes in Italy and their new home in Brooklyn, N.Y. Cooking Channel also dishes out Thanksgiving themed episodes of fan-favorite shows every night at 8pm from Sunday, November 11th - Friday November 16th anchored by two on-air specials.

Back in Time for Thanksgiving takes viewers on a culinary journey back to 1621 to show the creation of Thanksgiving dishes and traditions with some comedic relief premieringSunday, November 4th at 8pmET/5pmPT. Then, it's a trip to Savannah, Ga., where Bobby and Jamie Deen whip up a traditional Turkey Day feast with an inside look into the Deen's family festivities and traditions on Deen Brothers Thanksgiving on Sunday, November 11th at 8pmET/5pmPT. Online at, grab tips, tricks and exclusive recipes to make this Thanksgiving feast the best one yet. Join the Cooking Channel conversation onTwitter and Facebook.


Extra Virgin - Premiering Wednesday, November 7th at 9:30pmET/6:30pmPT

Actress Debi Mazar and husband Gabriele Corcos, return to Cooking Channel for the third season of food, family and friends in Extra Virgin. Debi, originally from Queens, and Gabriele, from Tuscany, share their home life and journeys with viewers, as they move their family from Los Angeles to Brooklyn, experiencing all their new home has to offer along the way, while also visiting Italy for a taste of Tuscany and the simple life, before heading to the hustle and bustle of New York City. Visit to get Debi and Gabriele's best recipes and flip through their photo album from the show.

Premiering Wednesday, November 7th at 9:30pmET/6:30pmPT - "Jetlaggin' In Italy" -SEASON PREMIERE!

Debi, Gabriele and their daughters have just arrived at their home in Italy. Everyone is exhausted from jetlag and the stress of travel and all Debi and the girls want is to relax, but Gabriele has something else in mind, as he invited friends and family over for dinner. Instead they pick apricots off their own trees, which they will grill for an appetizer, and then head to a local goat farm to buy two delicious cheeses. They then make homemade ice cream for dessert and harvest cherries for a compote to ladle over the sweet treat. And to top it all off, Gabriele builds a fire in the heat of the day to make Pasta alla Norma with grilled eggplant as Debi makes a salad with green radicchio and a lemon and olive oil dressing.

Premiering Wednesday, November 14th at 9:30pmET/6:30pmPT - "Road Trip to Siena"

Debi, Gabriele, their girls and "Uncle" Robert are headed to Siena to see a play that some friends are putting on and then make their pals a congratulatory meal. Siena, although in Tuscany, is on the other side of the region, so has a totally different cuisine - but Gabriele is determined to make his friends their favorite dishes even though he's never cooked them before - it will be a challenge. As his ace in the hole, Gabriele goes to a man named Bagoga, a master of pici pasta, a hand rolled, spaghetti-like pasta that is a specialty of Siena. For the pici, Gabriele makes a simple sauce with olive oil, garlic, hot pepper and tomatoes. In addition, he makes a lardo crustini, and Debi makes a zucchini carpaccio with lemon, olive oil and mint.

Premiering Wednesday, November 21st at 9:30pmET/6:30pmPT - "Boys and Their Bikes"

Gabriele's brother, Fabio, is about to celebrate a birthday, and Gabriele and Debi want to give him a party to remember. They make a plan to ride motorcycles, something Gabriele and Fabio have loved since they were kids, and cook a meal for Fabio in the track's restaurant kitchen. While driving to the raceway, Debi and Gabriele stop to make tortalone with an adorable couple who are said to make some of the best. From there, it's on to the race track for the celebration, but what's even better is sharing a meal of porcini mushroom crustini, the tortalone with a three-meat Bolognese sauce and profiteroles for dessert.

Premiering Wednesday, November 28th at 9:30pmET/6:30pmPT - "The Heart of Florence"

Debi and Gabriele are in Florence, by the Arno River, where they kissed for the first time eleven years ago. To celebrate what they remember fondly as the launch of their relationship, they have planned a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant. Gabriele heads home to make sure their girls are taken care of while Debi meets Robert for lunch and a little shopping. Unfortunately, they miss their reservation, but Gabriele offers to cook her a special meal at home to make up for his mistake. Gabriele makes risotto with speck and cantaloupe, arugula salad with grilled calamari and an Italian custard over fresh fruit.


Back In Time for Thanksgiving - Premiering Sunday, November 4th at 8pmET/5pmPT

Back In Time For Thanksgiving is a culinary journey through the dishes that kicked off America's favorite food tradition. Join host Simon Majumdar, comics Sasheer Zamata and John Murray as they hunt, gather, catch, prep, cook and eat their way through America in 1621 and the first Thanksgiving feast. Travel back to the first Thanksgivingand get recipes for the dishesthat kicked off America's favorite food holiday.

Deen Brothers Thanksgiving - Premiering Sunday, November 11th at 8pmET/5pmPT

It's that time of year again, and everyone is buzzing around making their holiday plans. The Deens are no different, but this year Bobby and Jamie have a treat for everyone - they're cooking the Thanksgiving meal for the entire family. Bobby heads home for the holiday with a few treats in tow from the big city, and Jamie does his part by gathering the freshest ingredients Savannah has to offer. The boys come together in the kitchen and prepare a huge feast for Paula and the entire family. The Deen Thanksgiving table will be bountiful - a fried turkey with cornbread dressing, sweet potato casserole, and New York City cheesecake with a pumpkin topping - just to name a few delicious dishes. Celebrate the big feast like Bobby and Jamie Deen, with their complete Thanksgiving menuon


Sandra Lee's Taverns, Lounges & Clubs

Premiering Wednesday, November 7th at 10:30pmET/7:30pmPT - "Boots On and Bottoms Up"

Sandra Lee travels to Chicago's Barcito, a sexy and modern Spanish bar and restaurant inspired by the pintxos bars of Spain. In New York City, Sandra heads to the Bourgeois Pig, a champagne and wine bar every girl dreams of. Sandra then slips into her cowboy boots and swings by Borderline in Thousand Oaks, Calif., where they serve up western like no other, combining great country music, dancing and one-of-a-kind drinks.

Premiering Wednesday, November 14th at 10:30pmET/7:30pmPT - "Cocktail State of Mind"

Sandra Lee travels to one of New York's most well-known sports bars, the 40/40 Club, owned by hip-hop mogul, Jay-Z. With an electric vibe, this is the place to watch any game and sip on some great cocktails. Sandra then hits the beach and stops for a cocktail or two at Paradise Cove in Malibu, a beach bar that serves up tropical drinks and fresh seafood. Finally, Sandra checks out El Bait Shop in Des Moines which is described as a "mancave on steroids," with the largest selection of American microbrews in the world and some of the best bar food in the country.

Premiering Wednesday, November 21st at 10:30pmET/7:30pmPT - "Bowling with the Punches"

Sandra Lee makes a stop in Hollywood at Lexington Social House, the epitome of chic dining and state-of-the-art drinks. Then, at Cienfuegos located in the East Village in New York City, Sandra goes back to vintage Cuba to sample a large selection of rum punches. Sandra then heads over to The Spare Room in New York, a once closed-off space at the legendary Roosevelt Hotel.

My Grandmother's Ravioli

Premiering Wednesday, November 7th at 8:30pmET/5:30pmPT - "Fine Living"

Mo Rocca visits the coastal village of Cohasset, Mass., to learn the secrets of culinary success behind seventy-seven year-old grandmother, Genevra Higginson. Mo stops by a nearby beach to dig up clams for a hearty and super-fresh batch of clam chowder that the two whip up for a midday snack. Mo then hits the high seas to learn how to pull traps up from seasoned lobstermen. Later, he and Genevra put together a seafood feast using the fresh lobster and top it off with peach ice cream for the Higginson family.

Premiering Wednesday, November 14th at 8:30pmET/5:30pmPT - "Giving Back"

In this special Thanksgiving episode, Mo visits seventy-six year old Irish lass Peggy Guiliano, who devotes much of her life to her grandchildren and giving back to those in need. Peggy introduces Mo to the soup kitchen at New Jersey's oldest church in Newark. The duo cooks up some mean turkey meatloaf and join other church volunteers to feed nearly three hundred people from the neighborhood. Peggy also shows Mo how to make her famous scones, which they distribute for dessert at the church.

Premiering Wednesday, November 21st at 8:30pmET/5:30pmPT - "Russian Fare"

Mo Rocca learns classic Russian cuisine from former Muscovite and current Brighton Beach, Brooklyn resident, Eva Levitis. Eva shows Mo how to make a famous Russian salad, "Olivier," that her father taught her how to cook and decorate. Eva also teaches Mo how to make Chicken Kiev and schools him on the joys and opulence of caviar. Mo and Eva then take a break from the kitchen and head to a birthday celebration at a family-owned restaurant and nightclub, Rasputin. Mo and Eva cap off the evening with an unforgettable musical performance for the family and the restaurant's patrons.

Premiering Wednesday, November 28th at 8:30pmET/5:30pmPT - "Getting to Know You"

Manee Soohoo was born in Thailand and now spends most of her time helping take care of her grandchildren in Harlem. She enlists Mo's help to babysit the kids and then teaches him how to make green curries, Tom Yum soup and other authentic Thai dishes that Manne's grandson gives two thumbs up. Mo and Manee bond over their love of musical "The King and I."


Chuck's Eat the Street

Premiering Tuesday, November 6th at 8:30pmET/5:30pmPT - "Man on a Mission"

Premiering Tuesday, November 20th at 8:30pmET/5:30pmPT - "WT"

The Fabulous Beekman Boys

Premiering Thursday, November 1st at 10pmET/7pmPT - "Recipe for Disaster"

Premiering Thursday, November 8th at 10pmET/7pmPT - "Beek-Man Boys"

Premiering Thursday, November 15th at 10pmET/7pmPT - "Blaak Friday"

Premiering Thursday, November 22nd at 10pmET/7pmPT - "Paging Dr. Brent"

Kelsey's Essentials

Premiering Saturday, November 3rd at 8:30pmET/5:30pmPT - "Game Day Gourmet"

Premiering Saturday, November 10th at 8:30pmET/5:30pmPT - "Mock Thanksgiving"

Premiering Saturday, November 17th at 8:30pmET/5:30pmPT - "Tacos"

Premiering Saturday, November 24th at 8:30pmET/5:30pmPT - "Honey"

Man Fire Food

Premiering Tuesday, November 6th at 10pmET/7pmPT - "Monster Rigs"

Premiering Tuesday, November 13th at 10pmET/7pmPT - "Coast to Coast Cookout"

Premiering Tuesday, November 20th at 10pmET/ 7pmPT - "Seafood Feast"

Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen

Premiering Wednesday, November 21st at 10pmET/7pmPT - "Dude Food"

Premiering Wednesday, November 28th at 10pmET/7pmPT - "WT"

Symon's Suppers

Premiering Thursday, November 1st at 9:30pmET/6:30pmPT - "One Pot Wonders"

Premiering Thursday, November 8th at 9:30pmET/6:30pmPT - "Thanksgiving Supporting Players"

Premiering Thursday, November 22nd at 9:30pmET/6:30pmPT - "Brick Chicken"

Premiering Thursday, November 29th at 9:30pmET/6:30pmPT - "Clambake Party"

Unique Sweets

Premiering Sunday, November 4that 10:30pmET/7:30pmPT - "Chicago Sweet Spot"

Premiering Sunday, November 11that 10:30pmET/7:30pmPT - "Sweet Americana"

Premiering Sunday, November 18that 10:30pmET/7:30pmPT - "Modern Comfort"


Have Your Best Thanksgiving Yet With Cooking Channel

Whether you're a first-time Thanksgiving host, looking to spruce up your feast or are stumped about your potluck picks, Cooking Channel has the best Thanksgiving recipes - turkey,starters, sides and sweets- plus how-tos and decorating ideas to help you become a Turkey Day pro.

Thanksgiving Countdown: Schedule and Calendar

Become a holiday wiz this season by getting all your ducks - er, turkeys - in a row and mapping out your schedule ahead of time. Use the Thanksgiving countdown checklist as a guide for staying focused and getting it all done.

Entertain Like an Expert
Set the stage for the Thanksgiving feast with Cooking Channel's table decorating ideas and get more hosting tools and tricks.

Thanksgiving Cooking Tools + Equipment

Stock the kitchen with the necessary gadgets, from basic measuring tools to roasting, carving and baking essentials.

D.I.Y. Décor
Need a centerpiece in a pinch? Turn coffee beans, cranberries and candles into an I-can't-believe-you-made-that stunner.

10 Sides Under 30 Minutes
When speed is of the essence, whip up these sides and sweets that cut back on prep time - but not on flavor.

Thanksgiving Disasters, Averted Lumpy potatoes? Cracked pie? Undercooked turkey? Cooking Channel has 10 quick fixes for all Thanksgiving quandaries.

Top 5 Quick Fixes
5 Ways to Save Your Turkey

A Kelsey's Essentials Thanksgiving Kelsey shares an exclusive menu that's easy to prepare, plus tips for hosting the tastiest Thanksgiving yet.

Better-Than-the-Box Stuffing Learn how to dress up packaged stuffing mix so it becomes a special standout at the Thanksgiving table.


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