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BWW Review: Secrets are Almost Revealed on THE FLASH

BWW Review: Secrets are Almost Revealed on THE FLASH

Last week, BARRY suggested that they try to wake up Grace to stop Cicada. They believe that somewhere deep down, Cicada has a heart. However, in order to wake up Grace, Team Flash has to go into her memories with the Memory Machine that Sherloque has been working on. Sherloque warns them they should only go in in pairs and there's a chance that you'll be able to see your partner's memories.

Team Flash decides to send the speedsters in. But, Nora freaks out about the possibility of BARRY seeing her memories, seeing as she is still sending messages to Thawne in the future. To keep her SECRETS hidden, Nora enters Grace's mind by herself.

Grace leads Nora through her memories at CCPD, a memory of her life at home with Orlin, and her last memory at the hospital, where she appears to be able to hear what's going on around her. However, the portal into Grace's mind vanishes, leaving Nora trapped in Grace's memories and Grace's defense mechanisms are starting to act up. Of course, it doesn't take long for the rest of Team Flash to figure out what she did and of course, BARRY and Iris are going in after their daughter. But BARRY and Iris don't arrive in Grace's memories, they arrive in Nora's.

Barry and Iris arrive at THE FLASH Museum, which Nora has spoken about so much this season, after all, it's where she learned about her dad. It's a fun place with THE FLASH bobbleheads, books, action figures, and displays of all of The Flash's villains. At least BARRY is excited by all of this. Iris, on the other hand, is having a more difficult time because she knows that Nora's memories of her aren't great. In fact, one memory shows Iris scolding Nora for running away and telling her she'll never come back. It's heartbreaking for Iris but BARRY reminds her that's not who she is and she can change the future.

With all of the West-Allens trapped with no portal and no way out, Caitlin talks them through finding the fake memories that will open a portal and bring them back to the real world. BARRY and Iris discover Nora's fake memory is THE ONE of Iris yelling at Nora and Nora discovers Grace's fake memory is the Grace's happy home life with Orlin. The defense mechanisms (is it a coincidence that the Reverse Flash attacks BARRY and Iris?) are acting quickly and if they die in the memories they die in real life.

Nora still tries to help Grace and tries to get her to wake up, but she refuses and Barry, Iris, and Nora leave her behind, unable to wake her. Grace may not be the innocent little girl we've seen so far. She is protecting her uncle and she is just as mad at the metahumans as he is.

While all of this is going on, Ralph tricks Cisco into a boys night out. Cisco is bitter since he'd rather be working on the metahuman cure, but Ralph insists it was all in good fun and he just wanted to hang out with his friend. In the end, Cisco has a good time and ends up meeting Kamila, the bartender, so who knows where that will go. Ralph has a good heart.

At the end of the episode, Cisco and Ralph return from ice skating and Cisco announces that the metahuman cure is pretty much done. Last week, the plan to stop Cicada was to wake up Grace, but that didn't exactly pan out. This week, the new plan to stop Cicada is to give him the metahuman cure. Remember when Caitlin and Cisco vowed never to force anyone to take the cure?

Photo Credit: Shane Harvey/The CW

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