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BWW Recap: This Week's COMMUNITY Will Make You Want to Buy a Honda


This week's episode of COMMUNITY deals with Hondas and love. Frankie is made aware that the school has guerilla advertisers on campus, and we find out that one of them is none other than Subway-err, Rick-Britta's former flame.

Rick tells Britta he's now marketing for Honda, and that the only way they can be together is if she joins the Honda team and they covertly market together. This way they can be a couple in real life. After finding out that they have to pretend to like things so that people listen to them, Britta realizes the Honda life isn't the life for her and leaves. Rick makes a romantic gesture at the bar that night, however, and promises to quit Honda since he loves Britta and wants to be with her. This doesn't last long, because Rick can't resist one last marketing pitch to the Dean, a level 7 susceptible. Unfortunately for Rick, Frankie used the Dean to set a trap to catch Rick, and Rick gets TAKEN AWAY by the police, never to return to Greendale.

Meanwhile, Annie and Abed try to win over Elroy, who they think doesn't like them as much as they like him. After a game of "The Ears Have It," they are all buddy-buddy with him, except for Jeff, who realizes Elroy leaves the room every time Jeff joins the group. Jeff tries to win Elroy over by booking "Natalie is Freezing" to play the event for alumni Greendale is hosting. When Elroy finds out, instead of being excited as Jeff expected, he's upset, because he used to date Julie, the lead singer. Elroy, after a talk with Britta, realizes he needs to confront Julie for breaking his heart, but also admit he still loves her, which allows him to also finally open up to Jeff. Elroy and Jeff finally become friends, and Elroy is more open! Yay!

This episode of COMMUNITY, "Advanced Safety Features," poked a lot of fun at guerilla marketing, especially since Honda is the primary advertiser for Community on Yahoo! Screen. It was a very clever way to insert product placement into the episode while at the same time criticizing how television shows so often insert products into the episodes. The excessive marketing of Honda was borderline too much, but the way they presented it and how blatantly obvious it was they were poking fun made it just the right amount of ridiculous. I also loved how they made the Dean so gullible and susceptible to the guerilla marketing techniques Rick laid out, and how he bought almost the entire Honda catalog before Frankie confronted him about his problem.

Honestly, the scene between Frankie and the Dean was my favorite of the episode because of how blunt and honest Frankie was to him. She couldn't help but call him stupid and an idiot and point out how he was single-handedly ruining Greendale without even realizing it. It was strangely a sweet moment, though, because although she was being mean, she felt bad for what she was saying, even though it needed to be said. The dichotomy between Frankie and the Dean is perfect because they are such stark contrasts; they balance each other out very well.

I am glad Jeff and Elroy are finally friends, because it will allow for more opportunities for Elroy's character and storyline to grow, now that he is fully integrated into the group. Like Chang pointed out, we don't really know Elroy's place in the group, and hopefully he finds his niche soon.

A few random moments from the episode I loved: Chang's powerpoint presentation and how he lost a dollar bill inside of an egg; Frankie playing the steel drums at the Natalie is Freezing concert because Jeff told her that's why they missed Troy so much; and the white board behind Annie's seat in the study room that reads "It's totally blank! Let's not mess that up unless..."

Favorite Quotes:

-Annie: "That sounds like brain windexing!"

-Chang: "Is he like Pierce, old Troy, or Shirley without a purse?"

-Rick: "You touched me in ways no one ever has." -Leonard: "Nice!"

-Dean: "Dean dean!"

-Jeff: "Whats the age limit on the Ears Have It?" Abed: "7 and up!" Jeff: "Then I'm 6."

-Dean: "The windows are fogged over, are you napping heavily?"

-Chang: "I'm cheating at a game of hide and seek now, we weren't supposed to leave the rec center."

-Britta: "You mean showboards and con-mericals?"

-Todd: "I love antiquing, everything is so old!"

-Elroy: "You weird CPIR hair-jelled dummy."

-Elroy: "You jaded hipster a-hole."

Make sure to leave your comments/favorite moments below, or tweet me at @k8linmilligan! I'll see you next Tuesday as I recap the newest episode of COMMUNITY, only on Yahoo! Screen!

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