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BWW Recap: THE FLASH Returns With New Heroes and New Villains

BWW Recap: THE FLASH Returns With New Heroes and New Villains

New heroes, new villains, new season of The Flash!

In the season 4 finale of The Flash, it was revealed that the Mystery Girl is Nora, Barry and Iris's daughter who came back from a future timeline. This episode picks up where season 4 left off where unfortunately, Nora made a mistake by messing with the timeline and she can't go home. Barry wants to send her home and has Cisco and the rest of the team find a way to do so. On the other hand, Iris wants to get to know her daughter. Barry and Iris debrief about Nora's arrival later, where Barry reveals that he is upset by this because he wanted to be there for all of Nora's firsts and he feels like he has missed his chance.

Meanwhile, The Team is battling with Gridlock, a villain who can absorb kinetic energy and dark matter, who is wreaking havoc all over Central City. While the Team is busy trying to stop Gridlock, Nora drops a bomb on Barry - he disappeared in 2024 when she was a baby and never came back; it was just her and Iris. In this moving scene between father and daughter, Barry allows himself to be vulnerable when he realizes he actually did miss all of Nora's firsts because he disappeared.

But this tender moment is interrupted when the Team learns that Gridlock is on an BWW Recap: THE FLASH Returns With New Heroes and New Villainsairplane and is planning to crash it. They figure the only way to safely land the plane and save everyone is for Barry to phase it through the buildings in Central City. But Barry can't do it alone so he enlists the help of Kid Flash and Nora, who had never been able to phase anything before. Once they're on the plane, Nora struggles to help phase the plane. Barry gives Nora a very moving speech of encouragement, the same one Wells gave Barry when he was learning to phase, which is exactly what Nora needed to hear. Together, they phase the plane through a building and a bridge and land the plane in the water. I guess Barry didn't miss out on all of Nora's firsts, he got to experience her first phase!

At the end of the day, Gridlock is defeated and taken away and Barry decides not to send Nora home right away. Now, remember the vision Caitlin had at the end of last season about her father and Killer Frost? Turns out, her father's death certificate is fake, which means her father could still be alive. In the closing scene, the season 5 villain, Cicada, makes a dramatic entrance in a cloud of black and attacks the van that Gridlock is in, wielding a scary looking lighting shaped blade.

Overall, based on the first episode of the season, season 5 is looking very promising. It's reminiscent of earlier seasons with a little bit lighter tones, a whole lot of heart and still a whole lot of fun.

Photo Credit: Katie Yu/The CW

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