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BWW Recap: Sweet Dreams Aren't Made of This on TEEN WOLF

All right, I'll say it, I don't really care for these "Doctors." They are not very nice people going around injecting everybody with mercury. Who do they think they are? Actually, we still don't really know.

Our new pal, Tracy is still stuck in her night terrors and she is murdering the crap out of everyone around her, including her father. As Sheriff Stalinsky hater, Donovan, is being transported to prison after threatening to send the good Sheriff to a gruesome death, Tracy overtakes the van and kills the crew. Donovan escapes, but he too is injected with mercury. A little spooked, Sheriff sends Scott out to find him, which he does quite quickly. Donovan is frightened and keeps saying the name "Tracy" repeatedly leading Lydia to figure out what's going on. The search is on for Tracy Stewart. Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Kira, Malia, Liam and an overenthusiastic Mason are on a mission to find her before she does more harm. The police discover that Tracy has killed her psychiatrists at the local hospital and Liam sends Scott a message through his supersonic hearing that Tracy has arrived at school and is in History class with Kira's Dad. Liam pulls the fire alarm to evacuate the students as Scott and Stiles stabilize her before she vomits mercury and warns them that "They are coming for all of us."

At Deaton's office, he is visibly confused as Tracy is breaking all the supernatural rules. And she does it again as her spine comes alive and paralyzes all of them before she escapes. Scott figures out that she's a kanima. As they are forced to concentrate to get out of their paralysis, Malia is the only one who succeeds and is forced to head out to find Tracy by herself. While Lydia and Kira investigate Tracy's room, they find dreamcatchers and realize that Tracy has killed all the people trying to help her and she must still be in a night terror not awake.

At the station, Tracy paralyzes the entire station and gravely injures Lydia to get to her mother Natalie. Kira goes full FOX on her, but it is to no avail and it takes Malia to nearly kill her to wake her from her dream state. The Doctors arrive and "Terminate" Tracy as their experiment has failed.

But they did pour mercury into Donovan as well, as if he needed assistance being a complete psycho. That threat to Sheriff Stiles was way creepy and detailed.

Liam and his excited pal, Mason, seem to be on the trail of something though. He noticed that Tracy had on a necklace. The same necklace that he had seen in the hole he fell into last week when he and Stiles were stalking Theo. When he drags Mason and Brett with him into the hole, the necklace isn't there. They realize that Tracy must have been "buried" somewhere else. But then who was buried here? Donovan?

Okay, couple observations:

  • I'm not sure if it was exactly necessary for Brett to be shirtless during the entire Lacrosse scene, but I, in no way, have any objections to it.

  • Starting to think that Deaton is as clueless here as Father Gabriel is on THE WALKING DEAD. No offense to Seth Gillam, he's fantastic.

  • What's the deal with Donovan? Is he really that mad he didn't pass the test to be a cop or did the Sheriff do something specifically to block his entrance into the academy?

  • There were a few hints about the Desert Wolf from Stiles. Is this just to remind us that Braden is still somewhere out there?

  • Anyone else screaming "Don't trust him" to Scott and Stiles when Theo offered his help? Just me?

  • Sheriff Stiles dating Natalie Martin? Um, excuse me, what is wrong with Mrs. McCall? And what will Stiles and Lydia's reaction be to this news?

  • And I KNOW the demographic for TEEN WOLF, but do we have to have the hashtag #donovanisdoomed before we actually saw that Donovan was indeed doomed? Is nothing sacred anymore, MTV?

  • Uh, is Lydia going to be all right? She did not look great at the end...

  • Will Malia ever be able to drive?

  • Anyone else really missing Derek Hale?

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Here is a preview for next week's all new episode:

Photo Credit: MTV

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