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BWW Recap: Premature Emasculation on THE WALKING DEAD

Welcome to a special 90 minute episode of THE WALKING DEAD or, rather, "More time for a lot of commercials." But there is no rest for the wicked as Negan makes his first visit to Alexandria way ahead of schedule.

With barely no time to process the deaths of Abraham and Glenn, Negan shows up in Alexandria to collect on his promise to extort from his new disciples. Rick is still a shell of a man and barely has the strength to deal with him let alone deliver the goods. Uncharacteristically, Father Gabriel steps in and informs Negan that Maggie didn't survive and takes him to her grave. The residents of Alexandria are less than welcoming to Negan and the Saviors, which is fair as they decide to take all their mattresses and their guns. Trouble arises when Negan meets Olivia and the gun arsenal and realizes there are two guns that are unaccounted for. Negan tells Rick that he will kill Olivia unless he can produce the missing guns. Nick makes a plea in the church to the townspeople to turn in the guns as he cannot handle more death on his hands. After a search, he finds the missing guns (along with a food and Scotch stash) in Spencer's vent and turns them over to Negan. Michonne, off on her own trying to have some target practice and process the events of the past few days, returns with some fresh deer meat and a rifle. Negan takes her rifle and her deer meat. Very broken, Rick confides in Michonne about his old friend, Shane and drops the bombshell on her that Judith is actually Shane and Lori's daughter. But he had to accept it as reality to keep her alive. And he begs her to try and accept the new world as well. She tells him she will try. And yet at the end of the episode when she is out walking, she comes upon all of their mattresses on the road lit on fire. This just in; the Saviors are kind of dicks.

Other important moments to discuss:

  • Daryl is playing the "Silence is Golden" card. Daryl is locked in and I honestly don't think that he can be broken. And if he can be broken... I just don't know what I'll do.

  • Dwight is going full Daryl... like almost to the point of Single White Female-ing him. Is he literally just doing this to egg on Daryl to succumb to Negan or is he trying to just become him?

  • Spencer is a wank. He just is, he always has been. And now we're gonna blame Rick for everything? He sounds like a whiny, little child. Times are tough all over, Spencer. Grow a pair!

  • Rosita is taking matters into her own hands. She took on how many walkers with just her knife, all to try and get a weapon? And she's right, now is the time to utilize Eugene's one skill he has to offer. Let's start making some ammo from scratch! And a word of advice, Rosita don't hitch your wagon to Spence. See, point #3 above.

  • That Father Gabriel lie is CLEARLY going to come back to haunt everyone. That was probably the right move in the moment (Gabriel is just so dang weird), but at some point, Negan and the Saviors are going to realize that Maggie is not dead. And he tends to not look kindly on people who lie to him.

  • Which was a more tear-worthy moment: Enid begging to keep the Green Balloons that remind her of Glenn or Rick seeing Daryl looking as broken as he feels?

  • Lastly? Let's hear it for the ladies, Michonne and Rosita, who aren't ready to give up the fight. Watching all the dudes all broken, it's the gals who are going to lead this revolution!

Next week, we're finally going to the Hilltop and see what's up with Maggie and Sasha and, most importantly, Jesus. Can you believe the season is half over already?

Lastly, was it really coincidental timing that Rick's speech about having to accept things the way they are and try and find to live with them fell on this week of the election? I'm sure it was coincidental, but man... talk about timing.

Here's a preview for next week's all new episode:

Photo Credit: AMC

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