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BWW Recap: Its King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd on This Week's THE FLASH

BWW Recap: Its King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd on This Week's THE FLASH

It wouldn't be a season of THE FLASH if Grodd and King Shark didn't make an appearance now would it? This week they're both back and this time it's a showdown between the two of them. With the metahuman cure complete, Caitlin and Cisco look for a willing volunteer to take the cure as they agreed. They think that Shay Lamden a.k.a. Killer Shark might agree.

Team Flash visits A.R.G.U.S. where King Shark is currently being held. There, they meet Tanya Lamden who has created a telepathic crown to help Shay's brain become more human than shark and allows him to communicate with Tanya. But King Shark isn't in the mood to talk to Team Flash and he swims away and takes the crown off. Later, Team Flash tracks him down again using the crown and they force it back onto his head but not before he tries to eat Cisco. Barry, of course, having to save his friends injects King Shark with the metahuman cure, without his permission. This leaves Caitlin and Cisco pretty upset with him. And rightfully so.

However, the cure seems to have worked and Shay is pretty happy to be ALMOST HUMAN again. The team just needs to make a slightly stronger dose to get rid of the DARK MATTER in the shark part of his brain. Sherloque, being the love detective that he is, senses a connection between Shay and Tanya and spends most of the episode trying to get the two of them together, or at least acknowledge that they have feelings for one another.

Cisco and Caitlin discover that King Shark freaked out because something was messing with his brain. And that something is Grodd. Grodd is supposed to be locked up in A.R.G.U.S. but during the Night of the Enlightenment, when the power dampeners were turned off for one second, Grodd instructed the guard to release him. Grodd is working on gaining control of everyone's mind in Central City and also causes Cisco and Caitlin to blast BARRY with their powers, which he deserved even though he was trying to apologize at the moment.

Team Flash tracks down Grodd and Nora and BARRY head out to stop him. But they become Grodd mentally paralyzes them. Seeing no other option, Shay volunteers to turn back into King Shark and fight Grodd himself, even though that means he can never be human again. King Shark, The Flash, and XS take to the streets and have a good old-fashioned showdown in the middle of Central City. BARRY whips out some of his old tricks like sonic punches and throwing lighting to take down Grodd and save King Shark. In the end, King Shark and Team Flash are victorious. This time, A.R.G.U.S. puts Grodd in a medically induced coma. Maybe now he'll stay captured.

While all of this was going on, Iris is pretty shaken up by her encounter with Cicada. Thankfully, Joe is back from Tibet and helps Iris deal with her problems and gives her a boxing lesson back at CCPD. Iris faces her fears and goes back to her office where she gets texts about King Shark vs Grodd and is disappointed that she missed the epic battle.

Photo Credit: The CW

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