BWW Recap: A Shake Up In the BB16 House!

It was a big night in the "Big Brother" house as one houseguest was sent packing, one houseguest returned to the game, and a Julie Chen got iced! Let's get started shall we?

As it was announced last week, tonight would be the end og the twist of having two HOH's, putting the show back onto it's old format.

Previously on "BB," Frankie took a knife, shined it up, sharpened it and stabbed Zach in the back by putting him on the block against Cody. I have to say; this may be the first time Zach has showed some real emotion this summer. He was clearly hurt that Frankie put him on the block. Sensing he was the one with a target on his back, Zach wasted no time campaigning in hopes to stay. With one secure vote in Donny, he gave a sales pitch to Caleb, who quickly showed no interest and walked away. Then seemingly out of nowhere, one time bromancers Zach and Frankie, got into a very heated argument about the lack of stability when it comes to Zach.

The Team America "Neighborhood Watch" task seemed to still be in full affect, as houseguests took rotations patrolling the house. Maybe someone should inform them they're on "Big Brother"...there are hundreds of cameras ALREADY patrolling them!

Out of nowhere, Victoria seems to snap. Remember the pink hat that Zach has been wearing ALL season? Well apparently that belongs to her and she's mad (60+ days in, might I add?) that he's still got it. So as any sane person would do, she takes a butter knife and destroys it. Zach literally begs Victoria for her to give it back to him. I have to say it was pretty comical. Just to review: Zach was mad he couldn't get back a pink hat that didn't even belong to him. With me?

Christine seems to be questioning if she's aligned herself with the right people. She starts talking game-talk with Donny, who, in the end, convinced her she that was a loner just like himself. It must have worked, because Christine shared in the diary room that she really does feel uncomfortable without a "partner".

Next up, Julie shared the news with the houseguests that from here on out, there would only be one HOH. From there it was live eviction time:

In order of voting:

Derrick: Zach
Christine: Zach
Donny: Zach
Caleb: Zach
Victoria: Zach

In his post eviction interview, Julie asked Zach why he thought "The Detonators" turned on him. Zach said he clearly knew it was because he couldn't keep his own mouth shut when it came to the game. The best part of his post eviction interview out was that he was most upset about the dang pink hat.

We then finally got some jury house footage! Love seeing the jury members' reunite, watch past episodes, and talk game-talk! The best part was seeing Nicole back on "Big Brother;" she's precious. In case you forgot, "BB" reminded us that Nicole and Hayden will (hopefully) make a precious couple once the cameras stop rolling.

Julie called the remaining houseguests to the living room and shared the news that an evicted houseguest WILL return to the game. Let's just say...they were less than excited. As all four evictees walked in the front door, there was some genuine excitement mixed with a fair dose of fake hugging and smiling. In the backyard, the juror battle took place, with the four fighting for their chance to return to the game.

The jurors had to slide disks down to a turn table, hoping to get the most disks on the rotating circle, while trying to be closest to the center. Whoever had the most disks on the circle would reenter the game, and tonight that jury member was........... Nicole! I, for one, am thrilled that Nicole is returning. If there was anyone I think could return with a vengeance and shake up the house, it would be Nicole! I'm excited to see her revised gameplay.

The show ended on a fun note, as Julie Chen stepped into an inflatable pool to accept her "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge," which she received from her boss husband; you know, Les, the guy who also happens to be the president of CBS.

So tell me what do you think? Will Nicole revamp her game and shake up the house, or are Frankie and Derrick unstoppable?

Photo: Lisette M. Azar | CBS

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