Angel Light Communications Partners with Red Giant Union to Spread Tower Farm Tech to Entertainment Industry

Angel Light Communications Partners with Red Giant Union to Spread Tower Farm Tech to Entertainment IndustryAustin Kasso, founder and executive director of an Indiana-based public charity, Red Giant Union, announced that Angel Light Communications will help in spreading the Tower Farm technology within the entertainment industry.

Red Giant Union's vision is to further the innovation in urban agriculture by creating greater accessibility to resources and capital to Sprout a progressive and sustainable business community. Their mission is to provide the community with affordable, locally grown, natural produce; to build careers; and to raise awareness of healthy food choices.

Lafayette is where Austin Kasso lived for the last 7 years. They are currently campaigning to build a non-profit vertical farm to be located downtown. The company would like this to be an accessible space for the community to enjoy tower-to-table salads, juices, kombucha, also live music, CSA options for people to co-own vertical garden space, a summer camp for kids, and cooking classes. They will also provide a Think Tank for local food start-ups.

Revenue from the farm will re-circulate in the local food system of Lafayette, justifying our non-profit model. They wish for your support - only the community can make this possible by donating to their fundraiser launching Jan 2nd, 2017.

The project is environmentally conscious insofar as they are farming with 90% less water on 90% less land, while producing 30% greater yield in 25% less time - all with no soil and no chemicals! Wondering where this may be located? The Bison Building across from the Bus Depot in Lafayette, IN is available for them. They have measured it out and determined that's the best location. Accessible to the entire community!

When Producer Antonio Saillant, founder of Angel Light Communications, learned of this amazing campaign, he did not hesitate but to join with Red Giant Union in this wonderful cause.

Saillant says, "You can actually listen to the waterfall-like trickle of vertical aeroponic towers growing bounties of fresh chemical-free veggies and herbs while eating and/or studying.

Saillant decided to introduce this wonderful technology to the entertainment industry. Saillant agrees with Kasso, "Because real food shouldn't be a luxury enjoyed by few. It should be available to us all!" Saillant says, "This is a great opportunity to have this type of technology as part of the future of filmmaking and even television. "

Saillant gives inspired filmmakers the chance to make their dreams into reality. His strong BELIEF in going green pushed him to establish Planet GreenFest. Through Angel Light Pictures now entitled Angel Light Communications, Saillant is actively working with small independent movie companies and helping them go green and following Governor Cuomo's solar goal for New York.

Saillant says, "Building a vertical farm in every film studio would be ideal and very sustainable."

Kasso says, "Why this campaign? This is our opportunity for the community to build this vision. Revenue from this farm will assist in the building of local food systems."

Watch the campaign video below!

Further development will fund a network of not-for-profit farms serving the same function worldwide.

If you like to be part of this amazing movement and if you wish to be a Campaign Host or learn about Sponsorship opportunities, Contact Red Giant Union:

By making healthy food more accessible, the urban farming movement is literally changing the way people eat.

With Tower Farms, we'll build upon the legacy that founder Tim Blank and the Future Growing team started, helping communities, entrepreneurs, and agents of social change everywhere grow food easily and sustainably - no previous agricultural experience necessary.

And since Tower Garden can grow fresh produce virtually anywhere - from rooftops to warehouses - it's perfectly suited for the job of supplying more people with quality food. (Other perks like faster growth, bigger yields, greater sustainability, and less labor don't hurt, either!)

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