Rock Band Burnin' Releases Debut, Self-Titled EP

Singer/songwriter Billy Keane spent years touring with other artists before starting his band Burnin'. Now, after putting out three singles in two years ("Seven O'Clock," "Drownin' My Misery," and "All Those Days"), the Los Angeles-based rocker has released Burnin's debut, self-titled EP.

With a total running time of about 22 minutes, the six-song project packs a wallop that could wake up the most pop-weary listener. With searing electric guitars and thundering drums, BURNIN' is the kind of hard, classic-style rock that Keane loves.

"I'm still playing music that I love and was influenced by from the 70's and 80's," Keane said. "The world changed and music changed, but I've stayed the same. I could have taken the easy route and written songs with a more contemporary pop sound, but it's not who I am."

Like most artists, Keane bases his work on personal experiences. In this case, the songs on BURNIN' are about love gone right and love gone wrong.

"Why Baby Why?" is about having too many women and not enough time for a meaningful relationship. "Chip'n Away at My Heart" is an ode to the women in Keane's past who have tried to love him, only to discover music was his first priority. The first single being released to radio, "Livin' My Life," is written from the perspective of a man who is fed up with his high-maintenance girlfriend. (Click here.)

Perhaps the most personal track on the EP is "Burn A Candle," about a young woman moving on with her life, following the death of her husband. After he starting writing it, Keane realized the lyrics grew out of a childhood memory.

"My dad died when I was real young, and my mom picked up the pieces and raised me," he said. "I know how hard it must have been, but the whole time I was growing up, she never let me see her struggling. We were really close. She died last year, so I'm dedicating this song to her."

The two remaining songs on BURNIN', "Knocking at Your Door" and "Velvet Glove," also have special meaning to Keane, because they were written by his friend and guitarist Mark Torosian, while Torosian was recuperating from a stroke.

"I was hoping Mark would recover to where he can play the guitar again," Keane said. "Unfortunately, he's still going through therapy and is somewhat limited physically, but I still consider him part of the band. He wrote two of the songs on the album, 'Knocking at Your Door' and 'Velvet Glove,' and we have already written two songs for the next record."

Keane (not to be confused with an East Coast folk singer of the same name), is joined on BURNIN' by several established musicians. Blake English, who plays lead guitar, has worked with Brandy. Bass player Joe Caccavo has worked with The Temptations. Keyboard player Clarence Allen has recorded with Puff Daddy and Brandy. Drummer Jimmy Keegon has performed with Carlos Santana, Kenny Loggins and other well-known artists.

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