Kate Davis Releases 'Fish Bowl'

This week she will perform a few select East coast shows before heading to Europe in May.

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"Melodically memorable and twisted in unique and alluring ways, 'Fish Bowl' marks Kate Davis's true arrival," said Variety in a review of Kate Davis's new album 'Fish Bowl,' out now.

Reminiscent of Laura Viers and Tori Amos, 'Fish Bowl' is Davis's ANTI- Records debut. To coincide with its release she has also shared a new video for the title track. Directed by Austin Goodwin, the video features different characters all played by Davis that symbolize the different sides each of us has to our personality. Vivid and vivacious, watch the clip below.

"This video explores the relationship to self, dissociation, and coming back home to the body," Davis explains. "I have always juggled many selves - a theme that has followed me throughout my career. Together, we were able to tease out several characters that really embodied the spectrum of my shadows.

It was a psychological experiment and deeply cathartic experience that was grounded in the safety of Austin's vision, and his background in movement. On some level, everyone desires to be someone different. Making this video reminded me that we all contain multitudes, and integration makes way for physical freedom."

'Fish Bowl' goes hard at times with charging guitar and percussion but pulls back in equal measure, while Davis' sharp, harmonizing vocals lead the charge over a range of tempos and moods that shift from ethereal and smooth to biting.

Leading the entire creative process and playing every instrument on the album except drums, Davis wove multiple genres - art-rock, pop, and folk - into an intricate, unique tapestry of sound. She also drew influence from a vast catalog of visuals and literary references while writing 'Fish Bowl,' including the films of Wim Wenders and the liminal space that exists between outer space and far beneath the sea.

This morning Davis spoke with NPR Morning Edition about the album and the difference between seeking external and internal validation. This week she will perform a few select East coast shows before heading to Europe in May. All upcoming dates are listed below.


3/30 - New York, NY @ Baby's All Right
3/31 - Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda's
4/8 - Washington DC @ Songbyrd
5/15 - London, UK @ The Lexington
5/16 - Manchester, UK @ The Lodge
5/17 - Glasgow, UK @ Broadcast
5/19 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands @ London Calling
5/20 - Paris, France @ Supersonic
5/21 - Brussels, Belgium @ Botanique
5/22 - Berlin, Germany @ Kantine am Berghain w/ Lael Neale

Photo Credit: Maddie Deutch


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