Jakob De Wittig Releases New Single 'F@#K Me'

Jakob De Wittig Releases New Single 'F@#K Me'Introducing the new Jakob De Wittig single 'F@#K ME' which dropped this week on Carra Records. Jakob's releases have been popping up all around the world since he took his sound across the borders of Denmark across Europe and the rest of the world. His signature sound? A blend of abrasive Electro-House cut with influences of various genres from around Jakob's musical world which touches on Hip Hop, Jazz, Blues and a whole lot more.

Jakob De Wittig is a name that rings out loud around his native Denmark. The Copenhagen-based producer has been impressing followers and fellow musicians alike with a steady line of creative releases that are picking up support beyond international border. The mulit-genreist has been dipping his fingers in all sorts of sounds from around the world and bringing them into his Electro-focused foundations. As a self-proclaimed student of music - Jakob's all about trying new sounds out, treating his productions like puzzles in the search for new directions. His energetic dance floor productions including the successful 'No Reason' which picked up a steady line of international support earlier this year - have given him a clear indicator that he's making the right decisions both inside and outside of the studio.

'F@#k ME' as you may have guessed from the title is an expletive Electro House workout comprised of grinding bass lines, heavy synth work and brazen drums. Jakob's dance floor focused sounds are often all about impact and the latest is just that. The synths are harsh, the mix is pounding and it's all delivered in a tightly mixed package that's worthy of a place in his swelling library.

'F@#k Me' is out now on Carra Records. Preview it below!