Glee-Cap: Diva.

Glee-Cap: Diva.

What do Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, and Patti LuPone have in common? You know, besides the adjectives of words that rhyme with witch and being known for being - you know, just a wee bit difficult. They're divas, and fellow divas of the Glee world - let us celebrate - well, us! Yes, divas - us. It's Diva week, so you better bring it, because a diva is only as good as his or her last stand. Will McKinley still be standing with all this diva power and will NYADA survive a diva off to end all diva offs? We shall see divas. Snap, snap.

Kurt is sick and tired of Rachel's diva antics and is growing closer and closer to shoving something down her throat. ..Is it sophomore year all over again? The divas come out in full force when Finn declares it Diva week as Brittany, Unique, Tina, Kitty, and Blaine go full on diva with a performance of "Diva" by Beyonce. Kurt finally snaps at Rachel, and reveals how he threw their original diva-off and challenges La Femme Berry to a diva-off. Blaine, despite being under the weather, something Tina and her flu-care kit are on, performs "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen. Finn invites Santana back to perform and show New Directions another diva at work, which is exactly what Santana does when she performs "Nutbush City Limits" with her fellow cheerleaders. But, is Santana completely there just to show off her diva skills or is she onto the Bram in the air?

Rachel defends Kurt from two of her cronies, but Kurt Hummel doesn't need Berrylicious to fight his battles, because it's on between them as they go head to head in midnight madness diva-off. Santana calls out Sam to sing off for Brittany's heart, but Sam doesn't back down from Santana's Lima Heights as they sing "Make No Mistake (She's Mine)" as Brittany watches from the wings. Tina spills her heart to Blaine as they go over possible songs for her, but Blaine falls asleep and crushes Tina's little heart. Rachel and Kurt battle it out with "Bring Him Home" from Les Mis, and the results are a shock to Rachel's diva system when Kurt is crowned the winner. Tina is tired of her sick of her affections not being returned by Blaine, so she turns to "Hung Up" by Madonna to let out her inner diva and her imaginary relationship woes - that cray cray Tay Tay Cohen Chang.

Kurt is proud of his win at the midnight madness diva off, but will not take kindly to Rachel's cronies trying to be his friend and cuts them down to size, while Rachel plays pity party, despite Kurt's best efforts. Santana jumps at the chance to be Sue's heir as Cheerios coach, and you know to be near Brittany doesn't hurt. Tina is awarded the diva award, and Blaine thanks her for being there and helping him get through his cold, asking her to be his date for Will and Emma's wedding. Finn comes upon a freaking out Emma as she begins to fall apart over preparing for the wedding, prompting Finn to kiss her and make it the most awkward of the awkward.

Santana and Brittany share a moment as Brittany urges Santana to move on to bigger and better places, but never forget who is her best friend, but crushing Santana's hopes for ending Brittany and Sam's relationship. Rachel continues her pity party, but Kurt gives her a diva slap of reality - she's not a diva because of her atrocious attitude, she's a diva because she's an ambitious and strong woman with the talent to boot - thus, it's on to Funny Girl open calls in three weeks. Following in the footsteps of another famous girl on fire, Santana channels her inner Katniss (oh, and Ms. Keys) with "Girl on Fire" and marches her way out of Lima and into Kurt and Rachel's New York apartment - she's moving in, bitches.

New York is getting some Lima Heights, but the action will all be back in Ohio next week as wedding bells are ringing for Mr. Schue and Emma Pillsbury. We're going to the chapel, Gleeks - and someone's is getting married today - well, hopefully. See you next week, divas.

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