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Erin McKeown Shares 'Cupido Stupido'


Erin McKeown announced today the September 24 release of 'KISS OFF KISS.'

Erin McKeown Shares 'Cupido Stupido'

Erin McKeown announced today the September 24 release of KISS OFF KISS via TVP Records, sharing "Cupido Stupido," out now on all platforms.

"I thought I was too smart to be taken by surprise by love. Turns out I was wrong."

Her eleventh studio album, KISS OFF KISS is both a breakup album and an affirmation of independence- a blend of late 70's/early 80's snarly guitar rock, percussive and literate, owing something to punk, something to pop, something to Elvis Costello and Blondie and Jonathan Richmond and Lou Reed. It was also paid for by an unexpected gift from a friend, therefore digital sales through Erin's website are being offered as "pay what you can".

At the end of 2021, Erin will solicit nominations via her social media and then micro-grant 100% of the proceeds so the LP can be a vehicle for passing on the generosity and support she has benefited from. Additionally, if folks wish to "barter" and send Erin a physical object in exchange for the digital album, she will share these gifts on social media. See here for details of all the community aspects of this album release.

"Very early in the pandemic, I decided to give myself a task: I would write a lot of songs about one moment: a brief but powerful intimate relationship that had ended some time ago," says McKeown. "All we shared was a few dates over the course of a few months, but it was more than enough to fill, then break, my heart.

"How is it I found myself grieving something so small? Who was I more angry at, them or me? Why so much feeling when I least expected it? I used these questions to shape songs that were petty, maudlin, righteous, regretful, joyous, sexually satisfied, and sometimes not."

Erin joined producer Steve Berlin at Modest Mouse's Portland, Oregon studio, Ice Cream Party. Along with engineer & mixer Brandon Eggleston (Black Pumas, Mountain Goats, Modest Mouse, and Erin's 2009 release Hundreds of Lions), McKeown was joined by Reinhardt Melz on drums, Damian Erskine on bass, and Trent Baarspul on guitar. These amazing players learned her demos note for note, then brought each song to a new level of artistry. "The DNA was mine but the muscle was theirs," says Erin. "It was like watching a black and white photograph become a technicolor epic, in an appropriately short time of six days."

"I think it's fair to say KISS OFF KISS is a breakup record," continues Erin. "It's certainly in the tradition of the best of those - an affirmation of my own independence, a catalog of regret, a few unfair shots over the bow. But what I really hope it is, is a good time. We could use one. I also hope KISS OFF KISS is a burst of energy that catches your brain as well as your heart and maybe helps you remember your own great loves, present or past.

"KISS OFF KISS was a temporary hiccup in my heartbeat. KISS OFF KISS is now an opportunity for thoughtful acts of giving. Like they always say, you gotta have a heart to have a heartbreak."

Watch the video here:

Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez

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