To Go Where No NAKED GIRL Has Gone Before…

To Go Where No NAKED GIRL Has Gone Before…

By Grabthar's Hammer, through time and space, in a galaxy far far away, to boldly go where no Naked Girl has gone before, join us forNaked Girls Reading presents SciFi Fantasy. Will we be the Mother's of Dragons, The Queens of Fairy or ruler of a realm both Muggle and Wizard alike? Join us, faithful squires, through journeys far and wide starting at our home the DC Arts Center on an epic the Bards will sing for ages to come. Cherokee Rose returns to the shire with Alice Darling, Cherie Sweetbottom and GiGi Holliday at the DC Arts Center on March 24th at 10pm. So say we all!

Last month's show, Naked Girls Reading Presents Come Into My Parlor, showcased stories of a werewolf finding love, an alien's take on human sex, and how a good spanking makes everything right. Mark your calendars for Naked Girls Reading Presents: Fairytales, April 28th!

Naked Girls Reading Presents SciFi-Fantasy. Friday, March 24, 2017 Seating at 10pm Showtime at 10:30pm, The DC Art Center, 2438 18th St NW Washington, DC. TICKETS: $22-$27 available at