eBay's PayPal Completes Innovative Corporate Yearbook

eBay's PayPal Completes Innovative Corporate Yearbook

PayPal recently completed their first yearbook as gifts for their employees' holiday party. The yearbook for PayPal commemorates 2012 for the company.

PayPal, the wholly owned eBay subsidiary employs over 1,600 workers who are divided into 96 teams. Throughout the year, the teams at PayPal participate in various challenges against each other often to benefit charities. The company also runs events for non-profit organizations such as, The American Cancer Society, March of Dimes, as well as Habitat for Humanity.

"People have always said we should do a yearbook because each of our facilities are so big that sometimes people don't know about all the different departments we have or all of the different things we are doing," said Sara Haran, Employee Events Specialist at PayPal. "A yearbook helps showcase that.

To get the project off the ground, Haran researched publishers to find the right fit for the project. Haran stated, "the biggest thing was honestly the cost and quality, just because I was getting it for a certain price didn't mean I was going to move forward." Haran was also looking for a company that could provide a sample book as well as a quick turn-around time. Haran said, "A lot of other companies had a much longer process time and I was under lots of time constraints" making turn-around time all the more important in her decision. Ultimately, Haran decided to publish the yearbook with Entourage Yearbooks.

Putting together the yearbook turned out to be an enjoyable experience for Haran. "I enjoyed going through all of the photos, especially the ones from earlier in the year that I had forgotten about as well," said Haran. One of Haran's favorite pages to work on was the married couples page. "We have a lot of married couples in the office so we ended up doing a two-page spread on them," said Haran.

The book was passed out at the holiday party. This year, Haran decided to give out something more meaningful to employees than a drink ticket. "We had a prom theme for our annual holiday party so the yearbook idea fit really well," said Haran.

The completed book turned out to be a hit, especially among PayPal's 96 teams. "Our employees are very team focused and loyal to their departments, therefore the team photos were a hit," said Haran.

Originally founded in 1998, PayPal is the leading global online payment company. Purchased by eBay in 2002, PayPal has 123 million active registered accounts and is available in 190 markets. More information about PayPal can be found at https://www.paypal-media.com/about.

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