With Market Uncertainty, Real Estate is the Best Investment

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., March 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ Millennial author of Dating Your Investments, Spencer Chambers, explains why real estate is a more secure investment than stocks, bitcoin, or other financial trends.

Whenever the market takes a turn for the worse, investors begin to realize their investment portfolios are not nearly as robust as they might think. Chambers says it's because the investments are intangible and subject to the whims of the market, and people tend to put too much trust in them.

One trendy example is bitcoin. Even though plans are in motion to make it more stable, it's currently not backed by anyone or anything concrete. This intangible investment is another prime example of an investment subject to wild swings in value. Chambers says that's why real estate is more stable. There is a solid representation of the money and time invested. Any market swings are highly unlikely to be day to day like stocks or bitcoin can be.

In real estate, an investor owns a physical property. This property doesn't die and will always be there. No matter what the market looks like, a real estate investor will always have a bargaining chip in the form of a tangible investment. Chambers adds that real estate only gets more valuable as the population keeps growing.

To expound on his point, Chambers reminds readers and those interested in real estate investing of the law of supply and demand. The supply of land does not change but the demand continues to rise as more people need homes, businesses, and other forms of real estate.

When looking for stability in investments, real estate is tough to beat. It continues to appreciate in value and that appreciation can take two forms: either an investor buys low and sells high, or he rents out a property. If he rents out a property, the investment yields double, as the property both creates cash flow and still appreciates in value.

It's time to take action toward a strong financial future. Chambers' book emphasizes that anyone can invest in real estate and even includes the specific actions. Get Dating Your Investments from Chambers' website spencerchambers.com or on Amazon.

About Spencer Chambers

Spencer Chambers grew up learning about the real estate business from his parents, who operated several companies through which they built and sold a variety of properties. Chambers began helping out with his parents' business at a young age, and he has continued to learn more about the world of real estate through his various business ventures as an adult.

Chambers' current business, The Chambers Organization, operates three separate divisions: construction management, property sales brokerage, and a financial education program.

As he has gained experience in the industry, Chambers has discovered a lot of parallels between real estate investment and dating. He has come to believe that if you can date, you can invest. Chambers shows everyday people that successful investing is possible for everyone, no matter their age or experience.

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