Thomas Pynchon to Release New Novel in Fall 2013?


Acclaimed modern author Thomas Pynchon - perhaps as mysterious as he is illustrious - may be set to release a new novel, BLEEDING EDGE, this fall.

Ron Charles, the Fiction Editor for The Washington Post, claims to have confirmed, through two sources, that Pynchon's latest literary endeavor will hit bookstores (and e-market places) in Fall 2013.

Charles tweeted today: "Penguin Press to publish new Thomas Pynchon novel this fall called Bleeding Edge."

In addition, The Huffington Post has reportedly reached out to Penguin sources to confirm or deny the rumors - to no avail at this time.

Pynchon, now 75, published his last book, INHERENT VICE, in 2009. He's also penned such modern classics as THE CRYING OF LOT 49, AGAINST THE DAY, V., and GRAVITY'S RAINBOW. RAINBOW, perhaps his most acclaimed work, earned him the 1974 U.S. National Book Award for Fiction. Throughout his decades long career, he is most noted for his varied styles, and complex novels, which explore a vast array of subject matter, including the styles of history, science, and mathematics.