THE GREAT WORLD OF BIKING by Silver Bullet is Filled with Tales, Cycling Training Advice & More

Bikers, cyclists, triathletes, and anyone fascinated by transportation on two wheels will enjoy the new read, The Great Big World of Biking, published this week by Silver Bullet Books. The book, penned by Silver Bullet and an avid cyclist who goes by the name "Brandon", has something to offer for everyone, and since it is being promoted by the publisher for free through Sunday, March 3rd, there is nothing stopping anyone from picking it up on Amazon and enjoying the ride.

One of the highlights from the book is its announcement of a new biking game and training system called Tour de Rue, a project from the developers at Games of Heart that is meaning to transform the way bikers train and ride indoors. Appealing to riders who want to change the monotony of indoor cycling training, the authors of the book ask everyone to contribute to the project, which is looking for funding on the popular crowd-funding site, so that real-time virtual biking can be utilized and enjoyed by everyone come this summer.<

Additionally, The Great Big World of Biking provides the reader with anecdotal biking adventures and accompanying photos that have been taken around the globe, all of which are as fascinating as they are entertaining. Aside from all of the fun, the book gets serious when talking about subjects like bike safety, proper nutrition, and how to keep bikes in proper running condition.

When asked about the main motive behind writing the book, one of the contributors noted that it was all about timing."The bike world has gotten a lot of bad press in the past year and what we wanted to do was to take all of that energy surrounding the sport and spin it into something positive. There's a lot of good that can be done on two wheels, from protecting the environment, staying healthy, seeing the world, and just plain having fun. The opportunities for bikers in this day and age are limitless - we want to remind people of all of the fun."

Written by true enthusiasts, The Great Big World of Biking is a weekend must-read for anyone who gets excited about the thrill of a bike ride, whether ten minutes or 10,000 miles. Stop by Amazon and discover The Great Big World of Biking for free today through Sunday, March 3rd.