Sunil Kumar Releases '1 Master 99 Slaves'

Sunil Kumar Releases '1 Master 99 Slaves'

Gurgaon, India

Having been treated negatively since his school days up to the time he had finally landed a job, author Sunil Kumar took to heart to study the Indian society, religion, secrets of Vedas, Ramayana, and Vastu-Shastra and unearth the reason why his fellow country men behave that way toward each other including backward classes (SC/ST/OBC) hampering even others. As a result of his backed with his experiences, he discovered a society with "1 Master 99 Slaves" (published by Xlibris AU).

Kumar believes that, "If something is an illusion, you can describe it if and only if you have escaped from that illusion. The person who himself is still a part of the illusion cannot describe it." Fed up by the unequal treatment of the people due to India's caste system, Kumar deems it is time to step up and inform the rest of India that equality is much needed in their country.

Containing manuscripts written since ancient days of how Indian people are treated, Kumar's story seeks to open eyes of readers, locally and internationally, that inhumane behaviors will never pave the way for equality in a country. Citing the conditions native men and women of India endured for 2500 years, Kumar wants readers to realize that they can only safeguard their country from such plight if they ensure that they avoid a society with "1 Master 99 Slaves."

"1 Master 99 Slaves"
By Sunil Kumar
Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 164 pages | ISBN 9781499005882
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 164 pages | ISBN 9781499005868
E-Book | 164 pages | ISBN 9781499005813
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

About the Author
After graduating in mechanical engineering, author Sunil Kumar got selected for an electronics job. A negative approach of suspicion was developed from his birth, got multiplied again with the negativity in the society, and a high magnitude of positive attitude developed in his thoughts. Even being a failure due to inferiority complex, his mind was directed to find the reason for himself for being so.

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