Science Fiction Writer R. T. Aanes Launches First Book in Epic 'Humanity' Series

Science fiction writer R. T. Aanes is proud to announce the release of Humanity: Book 1 as the first installment in an epic series chronicling mankind's survival in a post-apocalyptic future. To celebrate, R. T. Aanes has made the engaging sci-fi thriller available at the special introductory price of $0.99 on the Amazon Kindle eBook marketplace.

Raised on a steady diet of strong female superheroes including Bionic Woman and Wonder Woman, R. T. Aanes sets out to tell engaging stories with empowered female protagonists. Combining a penchant for mathematics and love for the English language, the Pennsylvania-based writer creates a universe alive with futuristic technology and bold human emotion.

With the Humanity series, the author tackles fundamental questions of human (co-)existence against the backdrop of an Apocalyptic future. After 90 percent of the population has perished during World War III, survivors are dealing with a planet devastated by biological weapons as flesh-eating viruses and mutated animals abound.

Science soon finds a method to overcome the hostile new world: Highly engineered limbs and body parts - implanted by the military in a mandatory procedure labelled 'The Process' - grant superhuman strengths. But resistance among civilians against the military regime is mounting - and a clash determining the future of mankind is at hand.

Thrown into the confrontation are siblings Sophie and Aaron Schneider, who live with their military commander father Erik in the small Pennsylvania town of Industry. When the time comes for Sophie to undergo the Process, the 16-year-old badass and protector of her older brother decides to take a stand. Aaron joins the rebellion and stumbles upon a dark military plot to control the world's population. Forcing Aaron into action, Sophie is abducted - starting a dramatic race against the clock to save her and the people of New Earth.

Five Colonies make up New Earth. Three World Wars Caused Destruction. Two Extreme Forces are Battling to dominate. One Family must fight for survival.

An epic page-turner, Humanity: Book 1 in Kindle eBook format is now available for purchase to read on desktop, Kindle eReaders or iOS and Android devices via the Kindle app.

Plus, fans can get ready for the next installment in the R. T. Aanes universe: As the official follow-up, Humanity: Book 2 will be available in late 2019 for $1.99 on the Amazon Kindle eBook marketplace. Stay tuned!

Visit the official Humanity Series website at for more details such as character info and sample chapters. Purchase Humanity: Book 1 in Kindle eBook format to read on desktop, Kindle eReaders or iOS and Android devices via the Kindle app. Also, make sure and follow on Instagram@humanity_scifi_thriller and Facebook.

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