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SC Offers Sneak Peek Into a New World in Comic Books

It all starts with an indie comic book company called, Silver*Ware Comics (SC). The company is owned by Founder/CEO, Travis Ware of Silver*Ware Comics. The company caters to indie comic books and graphic novels around the world. Now they're now are about to release their first line of comics to the public.

Creator, Travis Ware is bringing a new kind of story with a new look from artist around the world. SC begins with their Wind & Fire: Sneak Peek Issue. The issue will have an inside look of the 1st four graphic novels, Wind & Fire (Manga/Action), Photo Finish (Martial Action), Immortal Secrets (Horror/Drama) and Last Night (Murder Mystery).

The four novels, including the Sneak Peek, is meant for "mature readers" for the adult material (graphic violence, sexual situations, adult language and adult content). The book will cover several issues in the Wind & Fire series' with a collection of artwork from the various artist that continued the series; from penciling, inking, and coloring

The story starts out before Travis and Ana became the famous "Wind & Fire," they have to earn their badges. Before Charles Falone was known as the Kingpin of Manhattan, NY, he had to kill a lot of people to get to where he is today. The series is their story. In this graphic novel series, you go into the back story of how Travis lost his sight, learned his martial art skills and became the man that he is. Ana was not always a hot-tempered detective, she had to climb the ranks and overcome her jealous Chief Inspector, an ex-boyfriend that holds her career in the palm of his hands. Charles Falone also had to answer to someone. We find out how he became the King of the Underground Black Market Trade.

"In this series, 'Wind & Fire,' I wanted to explain how the characters became to be the heroes and villains they are. I wanted the series to follow in the sequels of their lives which will be told through the franchise. Through the franchise you'll learn, what the three main characters (Travis Wane, Ana Scott and Charles FaLone) did before they met, what happens when they meet and how they clash with each other," stated Creator, Travis Ware.

The Sneak Peek will be available digitally (ComiXology/ and in hard copy coming to selected bookstores across the nation. It the introduction to the first slate of comics to be released to the comic book fans around the world.

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