Parenting Press Offers Complimentary Teacher Guides

Parenting Press Offers Complimentary Teacher GuidesComplimentary teacher guides with CCSS alignment outlined
Drafting teaching plans for 2014? Parenting Press can help! Any new or revised teacher guide ($5 value) is complimentary with the purchase of 20 or more copies of the title it covers. Buy the books at your favorite bookseller, through a catalog, through distributor IPG, wherever---and we'll e-mail you the downloadable guide as soon as you send us proof of purchase. It's that simple.*

Ideal for feelings and character education units;Spanish, too!
The Way I Feel, The Way I Act, the Self-Calming Cards, and the Feeling Elf Cards are all approved for classroom use, and especially valuable in primary and special education classrooms when you're teaching emotional literacy, emotions vs. actions, and values. The Way I Feel is also available in Spanish as Así me siento yo, and both card decks are bilingual Spanish/English.

Squelch name-calling, teasing and bullying before it escalates
That's what teachers, counselors, caregivers and parents can do with books like My Name Is Not Dummy, Heidi's Irresistible Hat, and Bully on the Bus. These branching-path books let kids brainstorm and try out possible solutions.

Addressing peer pressure
With such branching-path books as Under Whose Influence, Making the Grade and Finders, Keepers, you can help kids realize they have choices when it comes to using liquor or drugs, cheating or stealing.

For kids who are grieving or deserted
25 Things to Do When Grandpa Passes Away, Mom and Dad Get Divorced, or the Dog Diesis used extensively with military families, to help children experiencing any kind of loss or grief---a parent's deployment, a family move, or homelessness as well as divorce or the death of a friend or family member. Where Is My Mommy? Coping When a Parent Leaves (And Doesn't Come Back) helps kids work through the anguish of a parent's disappearance.

Mudra Pocket Cards make stress-busting easy
Anxious? Angry? Excited? Kids and adults can soothe themselves in a minute or two (truly!) with the hand-yoga gestures, each one illustrated and explained on a different sturdy card in this new deck by Emily Fuller Williams. Based on her book,Mudras: Ancient Gestures to Ease Modern Stress, the cards introduce gestures that can be done at desks, on bus rides, in circle time and when frustrated on the playground. Teach a different one each day, or combine several in a unit on emotional health. ISBN 978-1-936903-05-4, $12.95.

Monthly newsletter continues with articles you can use
Adventures and activities for kids of all ages, community service projects appropriate for families, the facts about children's mental illnesses, PSTD and grief: examples of what we've handled in recent issues of News for Parents, a complimentary online publication from which you can reprint articles. No advertising, no sponsored content, either.

Weekly parenting advice, ideal for reprinting, too
Homework hassles, sibling rivalry, Internet safety: Parenting Press has tackled literally hundreds of important topics in itsweekly parenting tips, and each one of them is available online, for whenever you need help. Ideal for use as a parenting column, a tip is posted each week on our web site. You can receive the weekly tip via e-mail on Mondays by sending your address to Each month's schedule of tips also appears in News for Parents.

* Teacher guides are complimentary when you provide a receipt showing the purchase of at least 20 new copies after Nov. 1, 2013. Please request your complimentary guides from, 800-992-6657, within 60 days of purchase of the books.

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