Original Works Publishing Releases THE ARCTIC CIRCLE and TROG AND CLAY


Original Works Publishing has just released two imaginative comedies, The Arctic Circle and Trog and Clay. Copies may be purchased via the OWP website, www.originalworksonline.com. Kindle editions for all titles are available now via the Amazon Kindle Store.

The Arctic Circle
(and a recipe for Swedish pancakes)
by Samantha Macher

3 Males, 2 Females

Synopsis: A Brechtian comedy about a woman in a troubled marriage who travels through time, space and Sweden to reexamine her past relationships for solutions to her newly found troubles. Unable to get the clear answers she needs, she must look inside herself to find what she is looking for.

Samantha Macher is currently playwright in residence for Sky Pilot Theatre in Los Angeles (http://skypilottheatre.com). She has multiple productions of her work scheduled. For more about the play, click here.

Trog and Clay
(an imagined history of the electric chair)
by Michael Vukadinovich

4 or 6 Males, 2 Females

Synopsis: Trog and Clay is a wildly imaginative retelling of the genesis of the electric chair. Based on the actual trial transcripts of William Kemmler, the first person put to death by electrocution, this skewed comedy obscured the line between fact and invention, while wryly looking into America's grim history. The bumbling duo, Trog and Clay, unwittingly get caught up in the rivalry between two inventors, George Westinghouse and Thomas Edison. While one is destined to create the electrical system that Will Power America, the other will be remembered for killing criminals in a way that isn't as painless as is initially claimed.

Michael Vukadinovich is a recipient of the Mario Fratti-FrEd Newman Political Play Contest, the Samuel Goldwyn Screenwriting Award, the Wichita State University Playwriting Contest, the Reverie Productions Next Generation Playwriting Competition, the Tim Robbins Playwriting Award for plays of social significance, and the Gloria Peter Playwriting Award for Historical Plays. His plays have been produced or developed Off Broadway with Reverie Productions, and Overlap Productions, and in Los Angeles with The Los Angeles Theatre Ensemble, Son of Semele, Moving Arts, Playwright's Arena, The Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum, the Ensemble Studio Theatre, the Orlando Shakespeare Theater and internationally at The Serbian National Theatre, PLUS TEATAR, and Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

For more about the play, click here.