Oliver McGee Releases JUMPING THE AISLE

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Founder Partnership Possibilities for America (http://www.OliverMcGee.org) Dedicated to building capacity of people, ideas and things for philanthropic partnerships working across government, universities and businesses inside communities lacking hope and change desired in the Obama era offers "Jumping The Aisle How I Became a Black Republican in the Age of Obama," a recently released book by Dr. Oliver McGee, available online now at Amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/Oliver-McGee/e/B008NC1AJ2). Jumping The Aisle describes the riveting perspective of an African-American and a former Clinton U.S. deputy assistant secretary, "Jumping the Aisle," in a political-economic sense, from "moderate left" to "moderate right."

Progressives fulfilled the hopes of a dozen generations by electing the first African American president of the United States on November 4, 2008 into office. That was the day - after a lifetime as a progressive - Oliver McGee knew he was openly moving towards becoming a contrarian of the party. He was joining the leagues of generations of Americans who had jumped the aisle and become Republicans.

As the party which traditionally and historically embraced conservative ideals, a dominant military complex, and a healthy free-markets competitive system that fueled technological innovation and capitalism, Oliver McGee foresaw the Obama era as a return to government "hand-outs," "hold-outs," and "heavy-hands" against American free enterprise. This is not to say the government does not have a role to play alongside churches, charities, and philanthropy in helping those in need.

McGee also found himself to be a somewhat lone voice among blacks. While 95% of black Americans were voting in 2008 for the first black president, some 7% more than the 88% which voted in 2004 for Senator John Kerry (D-MA) - many because they wanted to make history, McGee was warning that sometimes going against the grain of the electorate is warranted. It was not an easy tide to swim against his family and friends back in 2008, who were rallying behind the hopes and promises of the Obama era. His progressive colleagues did not know what to make of him jumping the aisle, even suggesting what they thought of his decision as pure folly. But, he hung on to his evolving principles and drafted them in "Jumping the Aisle - How I Became a Black Republican in the Age of Obama." McGee calls for a choice to speak to, listen for, and vote with your own mind - not just your past loyalty to a party or to a history. Inside he puts forth what continues to be our country's extraordinary outlook on getting to America's Tercentennial.

"A rational voice for the American electorate ... farsighted and insightful! Dr. McGee supports his case with such a wealth of research and thought provoking clarity that it is difficult to refute. A must read for those who hunger for sanity in American politics," favorably reviews and comments an Amazon.com reader, Larry Searight (http://www.amazon.com/Oliver-McGee/e/B008NC1AJ2).

OliverMcGee.org (http://www.olivermcgee.org), an independent social, technological, educational, economic, and political (STEEP) advocacy organization, Partnership Possibilities for America Invested in STEEP Giving Forward, celebrates Dr. Oliver McGee's recent book release, Jumping the Aisle How I Became a Black Republican in the Age of Obama, (http://www.amazon.com/Oliver-McGee/e/B008NC1AJ2), available online now at Amazon.com.

Founded by Oliver McGee in 2010, the mission of Partnership Possibilities of America is to provide focused expertise and leadership by fostering greater public awareness, appreciation, advocacy, and advancement of social, technological, educational, economic, and political (STEEP) capacity of philanthropy working across government, university, and industry partnerships. Dr. Oliver McGee established Partnership Possibilities for America to address the urgent call-to-action need that was even quoted by President Obama in his second inaugural address that "possibilities are limitless in America." Sadly nowadays, unemployment for young blacks is as high as 38% in some communities, which is staggering under America's first black presidency. Unfortunately, many Americans underserved socially, technologically, educationally, economically, and politically in some communities across this country are still hoping and waiting for those possibilities to become limitless? Visit OliverMcGee.org (http://www.olivermcgee.org) for more information.

Contact Information: Oliver McGee at Direct Email: ogmcgee@yahoo.com

Oliver G. McGee III is a teacher, a researcher, an administrator, and an advisor to government, corporations and philanthropy. He is professor of mechanical engineering and former Vice President for Research and Compliance at Howard University. Dr. McGee is former Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs of the United Negro College Fund (UNCF), Inc. He was Professor and former Chair (2001-2005) of the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Geodetic Science at Ohio State University. He is the first African-American to hold a professorship and a departmental chair leadership in the century-and-a-quarter history of Ohio State University's engineering college. Dr. McGee has also held several professorships and research positions at Georgia Tech and MIT. McGee is the former United States (U.S.) Deputy Assistant Secretary of Transportation for Technology Policy (1999-2001) at the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and former Senior Policy Advisor (1997-1999) in The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. McGee is a 2012-2013 American Council on Education Fellow at UCLA Office of the Chancellor Gene Block, and an American Association of State Colleges & Universities' (AASCU) Millennium Leadership Initiative (MLI) Fellow - educational leadership and management development programs for prospective university chancellors and presidents. Education Background: Ohio State University, Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Civil Engineering, University of Arizona, Masters of Science (M.S.) in Civil Engineering, University of Arizona, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Engineering Mechanics, Aerospace Engineering (Minor), The University of Chicago, Booth School, Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A.), The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Certificate of Professional Development (C.P.D.), Indiana University School of Philanthropy - Certificate of Fund Raising Management. Dr. Oliver McGee's Partnership Possibilities for America Invested in STEEP Giving Forward is based in Washington, DC.

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