New Fiction TIME BETWEEN RAINDROPS is Released

New Fiction TIME BETWEEN RAINDROPS is Released

As this new book from author Nick Nicholls begins, Jim Billings is attempting to figure out the best way to end his life. He considers and dismisses the usual options, even trying to leap to his death from a high building. Jim's plummet to the ground is stopped by his friend Gary, who offers him "another opon." This option comes in the form of Ben, a disheveled man who makes Jim an offer he can't refuse: Ben will assist Jim with his suicide.

After some discussion, Jim empties his savings account and puts his life into Ben's hands. Their adventure begins in Anchorage, Alaska, where they meet a pilot with a prop plane waiting to take them into the Alaskan bush. As time passes, Jim finds himself more engaged with life than he's been in years, and rather than looking forward to his death, he begins to second-guess his decision to hire Ben. Will Jim be able to carry out his original plan, or will his old life come to an end in a manner different than he ever imagined?

"Time Between Raindrops" is a compelling story of a man's decision to turn away from death to embrace life. Jim's metamorphosis from a man battling debilitating depression to a man with a thirst for living makes for a fascinating read. Author Nick Nicholls is a Pacific Northwest native residing in Arizona, where he's working on his next novel.

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Time Between Raindrops
Nick Nicholls
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-14575-1734-1 284 pages 14.95 US

Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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