New Collection by Jack Hart Takes Readers Down Memory Lane in ...LIFE IN A NORTHERN TOWN

It's a good thing Jack Hart's childhood was so adventurous, for the award-winning author uses his memorable experiences to populate his engaging new collection of short stories, "...Life In A Northern Town: Small places in a big world. Big worlds in small places." (published by Trafford Publishing).

"The richness that I experienced growing up in a small town community compelled me to tell my children about all the poignant, sometimes dramatic, often times humorous components that made it as such," reveals Hart, who began work on the collection years ago.

"I initially started listing the treasured memories for the fun of it. When visiting back home with my children, the flashbacks were just that much stronger. My children would struggle to stay awake each night in order to hear more and more stories."

Hart now brings his heartwarming stories to readers everywhere. In "... Life In A Northern Town," he takes the reader on a trip down "Nostalgia Lane," bringing to life a wide array of colorful characters.

Hart, who describes his work as "PG" and "family approved," takes a youth-friendly approach to his writing and draws artistic inspiration from impressionist artist Claude Monet.<

"Each sub-story," Hart explains, "provides a thread to a Monet-kind of tapestry, without the trepidation of getting off course in its making."

"... Life In A Northern Town"
By Jack Hart
Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 306 pages | ISBN 9781466971240
Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 306 pages | ISBN 9781466971226
E-Book | 306 pages | ISBN 9781466971233
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
Jack Hart lived the richest life in the poorest community, found the warmest of days in the coldest of seasons, experienced the healing of comedy under the sting of misfortune and, in all, discovered the favors and unexpected pleasures bestowed from big worlds in small places.

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