New Book, PRESIDENTIAL PARALLELS, Reveals Extraordinary Presidential Coincidences

Almost everyone is aware of the strange, if sometimes questionable, parallels between Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. But the fact is that every American president has one or more astonishing connection with other presidents.

In Presidential Parallels: What Our Presidents Had in Common, and Didn't! by Wayne Samuel Kurzeja with Paul Weisser, published by Anabal Press, it is clear that the American presidency is literally bursting with weird facts, unusual anecdotes and uncanny coincidences . In addition, the book contains many deceptive quizzes, to which the reader will be certain he or she knows the answer, but will almost invariably be wrong! Here are a few examples:

1. Born in Virginia, this president first served as a state governor for three years. Although his first name was Thomas, the answer is not Jefferson!

2. This president's birth certificate was in question, and some skeptics believed that he was not born in the United States. The answer is not Barack Obama!

3. This president's child, who was a twin, was married in Philadelphia during the president's second term. Although George W. Bush is the only president who has ever fathered twins, he is not the answer!

4. This man was both appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court and elected president. William Howard Taft is the only person to have ever served in both positions, but he is not the answer!

5. This twentieth-century president was the first to have an airport named after him in Washington, DC, but the answer is not Ronald Reagan!

The answers to these five questions are found in Presidential Parallels: What Our Presidents Had in Common, and Didn't!along with the answers to twenty-six other equally tantalizing puzzlers. Included too is an astounding variety of strange, weird and downright bizarre presidential facts, presidential history and presidential anecdotes as well as presidential flukes and quirks. The book also contains a presidential test questionnaire to determine if the reader has what it takes to be president.

Presidential Parallels is available everywhere books and digital books are sold.

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