Joshua E. Starr Announces Release of THE LAST HOPE FOR PEACE

Joshua E. Starr Announces Release of THE LAST HOPE FOR PEACE

In his newest entry, "The Last Hope for Peace: Quest of the Elders" (published by Trafford Publishing), the second book in the Last Hope for Peace saga, author Joshua E. Starr pens a story pitting brother against brother in a war that will decide the fate of an entire planet. The question is, who is the real enemy?

Jessie Landon was an ordinary high school student. He loved playing baseball. He had a group of very close friends. Although he frequently got into trouble, he had a very loving family at the orphanage in which he resided. One day, all that changed, and Jessie was thrown into a life that had been hidden from him since he was a baby.

As heir to the throne of Peace, Jessie was being hunted down by his very own brother, Francis. Armed with a ragtag group of rebels, and a newfound power that he still doesn't fully understand, Jessie must do what no one else has even a hope of achieving. He must retake the planet, and save everyone from Francis and his ruthless army.

"When your world is in complete chaos, and things are falling apart and seem the darkest, your friends can be your staunchest allies."

"The Last Hope for Peace"
By Joshua E. Starr
Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 328 pages | ISBN 9781466964105
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 328 pages | ISBN 9781466964112
E-Book | 328 pages | ISBN 9781466964099
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