'Inviting Muslims to Christ: A Clear Path to Salvation' Receives Praise from Kirkus Review

HOUSTON, July 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ Inviting Muslims to Christ: A Clear Path to Salvation, authored by Randall L Ireland, takes readers inside the Foundational Beliefs of the Quran. The book presents the major beliefs of Islam and Christianity including:

  • Pillars of Islam
  • Pillars of Iman/Faith
  • Jesus in the Quran
  • Islamic Monotheism
  • Christian Monotheism
  • Prayers of Declaration and Freedom

The book presents the Good News from the Christian New Testament: referred to in Islam as the Injeel in the Quran, with respect and clarity. The book presents the basic beliefs of Islam and Christianity that will assist in understanding the foundations of Christianity and Islam.

A Kirkus Review of the book notes: "A comparative study of Christianity and Islam that seeks to spell out terms of reconciliation between the two religions. When Ireland (Christianity's Invitation from Jesus to Islam, 2016) was a Protestant seminarian in 2000, he became fascinated by the theological connections between the Christian and Muslim faiths. He discovered many similarities and points of intersection, particularly in the religions' authoritative scriptures. However, he also noted a considerable doctrinal divide, and that their interpretations of the conditions for salvation are mutually exclusive. For example, Christians venerate Jesus as the son of God and accept his combination of humanity and divinity. However, although the Quran repeatedly references Jesus and recognizes his status as a major prophet, it denies that he was more than a mere man. Ireland carefully reviews relevant passages in the Bible to present a remarkably concise snapshot of Christian theology. He provides a synoptic overview of the faith's essential message, the Trinitarian conception of God, and an accessible interpretation of the Holy Spirit. Likewise, he explores the fundamental tenets of Judaism, as Christianity was historically connected to it and all three of the major monotheistic traditions are Abrahamic. The author also examines the Quran and adumbrates its foundational beliefs, which simply contradict the Bible's claim to ultimate authority.

Although Ireland calls for mutual respect and tolerance between the two religionsand reciprocal forgiveness for historical sins committed by zealots on either side his deepest purpose is to describe and recommend the Christian view of salvation, which he says was made possible by Jesus' ministry, martyrdom and resurrection. The author's command of the relevant scriptural material and scholarly commentaries is extraordinary, and this study functions as a handy reference guide for readers looking to compare the Bible and the Quran, point by point."

About Randall Ireland
Randall is a retired hospice chaplain and author. The focus of his research is Islamic Theology. He has taught Comparative World Religions at the University of Phoenix as well as other presentations. He recently completed his fifth year as a substitute high school teacher just keeping life interesting!

Inviting Muslims to Christ: A Clear Path to Salvation
ISBN Hard Cover 978-0-692-84921-7
ISBN Soft Cover 978-0-692-81648-6
ISBN e-book 978-0-692-8165-09
6 x 9
243 pages
Facebook: www.facebook.com/InvitingMuslimstoChrist
Amazon: www.amazon.com/Inviting-Muslims-Christ-Quotations-Commentary/dp/0692816488

Randall Ireland
281-304-2895 Office, 951-213-7272 Mobile

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