Helen Noble's THE 49TH DAY to Hit Shelves, Aug 2014

Helen Noble's THE 49TH DAY to Hit Shelves, Aug 2014

Publishing August 2014 on Soul Rocks Books (imprint of John Hunt Publishing Ltd) - The 49th Day, by Helen Noble - Katherine travels through her past to understand the present, unaware that the seeds of her future have already been planted. 'The 49th Day' is the first in a trilogy of novels weaving together the past, present and future lives of Katherine Walsh and the powerful men who seek to control her. Based around the Buddhist notion of reincarnation, the story unfolds to reveal the events of the first seven weeks of her unexpected pregnancy. Coincidences in her past and present lives become clear as she grapples with the current stranglehold on her life and contemplates her future as the custodian of the soul of her unborn child.

A contemporary romance with undertones of medieval history and a spiritual twist, woven with ancient Welsh mythology and timeless Irish humour. A novel based around the Buddhist notion of reincarnation; essentially the belief that the soul of a dead person enters the body of a new human during the 49th day of pregnancy.

Author: Helen Noble is a director of a legal practice. She is also a psychology graduate, experienced in working with people in challenging situations. Privileged to witness the resilience of the human spirit, Helen believes that it is only by being true to our nature and honouring our integrity that we can follow our dreams. Acknowledging our roots allows us to spread our branches in new directions. She lives in Pembrokeshire, UK.


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ISBN: 978-1-78279-593-3 Paperback (221PP) $16.95 | £9.99 August 2014

EISBN: 978-1-78279-592-6 (eBook) £4.99 $7.99

This is Helen's second novel, the first, Tears of a Phoenix was published by Soul Rocks Books in 2012.