GraphicAudio Releases DEATHLANDS 116: END PROGRAM by James Axler

GraphicAudio Releases DEATHLANDS 116: END PROGRAM by James Axler

No one waits long for trouble in Deathlands-it's everywhere in the remains of a nuke-altered civilization. The American dream was annihilated more than a century ago by the country's own unchecked power play. But the worst may be yet to come.

Upgraded to Survive... Programmed for Destruction

Built upon a predark military installation in former California, a ville called Progress could be the utopia Ryan Cawdor and his companions have been seeking. A place where humanity and technology thrive, it's the nucleus of a new hope for Deathlands. The successful replacement of Ryan's missing eye with a cybernetic prosthetic nearly convinces the group that their days of surviving hell are behind them. Then they discover that the high tech in Progress isn't designed to enhance human life, but to destroy it. To block the final assault, the companions must stop Ryan from becoming a willing pawn in the eradication of mankind.

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Written by James Axler
Approximate Run Time: 5 Hours
Number of CDs: 5
Content Rating: Ages 18+

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