Finding the Perfect Partner Is Like Finding the Perfect Pair of Shoes...

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SANTA FE, N.M., Aug. 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ In a dating age where women are confused between following antiquated rules passed down from their grandmothers and taking on the masculine role of the pursuer, finally there's a book on dating that encourages women to playfully own their power while also feeling empowered. Shopping for a Man, the latest release from author and visionary Lumari, puts a playful and practical spin on one of women's favorite pastimes, shopping, and applies its principles to finding a loving, romantic partner with whom to create a lasting and fulfilling relationship.

"I was inspired to create this book to share all of the wisdom and ways that I used to find my husband and love of my life," shares Lumari. "When I was dating, I couldn't find a guy who was right for me. After a break up and heart break, I started to look inside, reflect, and meditate. While listening to the voice within, I received a very clear message: 'Everything is shopping.' I had a laugh to myself, as I'm a self-professed excellent shopper. Then I put together all of the training I learned from the master shopper in my family, my mother, into practice, approaching dating like it was shopping. I began shopping for the qualities I wanted in a man and met my now-husband, Peter."

Anyone eavesdropping on the conversations of single women of varying ages will likely hear stories of frustration, stress, and feeling lost and confused. This liberating book is full of fun, wisdom and soul for women of all ages. Rather than promoting game playing, manipulative techniques or self-sacrifice, Shopping for a Man centers its focus on helping women better understand themselves more deeply to discover the qualities that she wants and needs in a partner, and then to have fun with it, just like shopping. Women will also be guided on a journey of visualizations to release limiting beliefs and shift her perspective, in order to discover the rich qualities within herself and become more of herself. Women will enjoy Lumari's revolutionary shopping techniques, while picking up proven tips along the way to bring the fun back into dating.

Shopping for a Man is available on Amazon Kindle. The paperback edition will be released on June 20, 2017 at bookstores across the country.

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About the Author Lumari
Lumari is an internationally acclaimed intuitive life coach, visionary, energy master and author who is a catalyst for personal evolution and awakening. She guides people who want to grow into their soul purpose and are ready to step into a brighter and more prosperous future.

Her podcast the "Cosmic Coffee Break" on iTunes brings quick powerful ways to improve your life.

Other titles by Lumari include Living Inspired, Akashic Records, and Alawashka: The Original Language of Creation.

For more information, follow Lumari on Facebook and Twitter, or visit Follow her podcast @CosmicCoffeeBk.

Review copies available upon request.



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