Ernest Oglesby Releases A WING AND A PRAYER

Ernest Oglesby Releases A WING AND A PRAYER

Sometimes the line between historical event and fantastical legend gets blurred.

Ernest Oglesby, a lead piping designer and engineer who travels to many different countries for work, is constantly exposed to different versions of the truth, whether it is news stories, historical accounts or legends. In his new book, "A Wing and a Prayer: The First Book of Gabriel," Oglesby explores historical fact vs legend, challenging the reader to consider how they know what they know.

The first book of a trilogy, "A Wing and a Prayer" is a sci-fi fantasy thriller that combines elements of angels, vampires, aliens and the Catholic Church, begging the question: can modern views of history be trusted?

"Don't trust other people's interpretation of the facts," Oglesby says. "Examine them yourself and reach your own conclusions."

In the year 40 AD, angels Gabriel and Lucifer are sentenced to life on earth, existing and hiding among humans. Separated around the time of World War II, Gabriel seeks the help of Laura Donovan of the American Embassy in Rome to track down Lucifer before the Catholic Church finds him and gains the secret of the life-giving blood that runs through his veins.

While entertaining, "A Wing and a Prayer" implores the reader to take history and the news with a grain of salt, contemplate the idea of blind faith and religion, think about the possibility of the existence of other life forms in the universe, and consider what parts of legends are actually based on truth.

Through the book, Oglesby has one ultimate goal: to remind readers to consider what they know about history and examine the facts for themselves.

"Take an accepted 'fact' and consider yourself how that 'fact' came to be so," Oglesby says. "Think of how modern history could have evolved through the centuries."

"A Wing and a Prayer: The First Book of Gabriel," by Ernest Oglesby
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About the author
Ernest Oglesby was born in Stockton on Tees, in the northeast of England, and has lived and worked in various parts of the globe as a lead pipe designer and engineer. He is the father of two children, and currently lives and works in Angola, Africa.