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Erick Wassammer Announces ARMAGEDDON 37005 AD

An unalloyed criticism of the present couched in the paranoid survivor mentality of a future world groaning under the effects of apocalypse, the new novel from Erick Wassamer brims with disgust for the false moralities of a "technologically-gifted" world. Wassamer does all his readers a favour by doing several intellectual backflips and skillfully orchestrated stylistic pirouettes into a renegade future in Armageddon 37005 AD.

By doing all the aforementioned, the author takes readers into a plateau of no ambiguity, of clear-eyed thinking that sees through the psychological rants behind all the clean-looking, or fashionably decked out icons of this day and age. He does so via the style of the father of all unambiguously dissonant disgust at the world, James Joyce. For those public men who tell their audiences that they see sanity and morality in the deadly politics of the world, for all the hypocrites who claim that the world is getting better because of their having done such and such in the service of so and so, Armageddon 37005 AD rakes in the chips for all right-thinking people out there who have thought it best to hide beneath a sheepish smile and reluctantly agree with everything being said and done for the commonwealth. And cashes them in with a vengeance.

Where will everything that is known today take the world? It's not as if anyone can tell. Wassamer thus uses the prophetic voice to hold up a truth-telling mirror to the world and asks his readers, "Has the future arrived?" Or is it still awaiting the Big Bang of History to make it more to the liking of what's in the hearts or consciences of the silent, apolitical, agnostic majority? No one except the exhibitionists will say anything approaching relevance to a world of nuclear death and horror. Everyone is afraid. Not Erick Wassamer, who shows all blokes and gals how to shoulder on through gossamer illusions of temptation in the garden of good and evil into the path of the humble and sincere seekers of truth in this world.

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About the Author
Erick Wassamer lives in a place called Briar Hill near Greensborough, Victoria state. He mixed it up with borough boys and other wot-sits at Watsonia technical school. He grew up a bit of a lone person, introspective despite his having chosen to live it out in the school of hard knocks. His parents were fairly authoritarian and he took on a variety of jobs after school: one of them being rally driver and navigator in professional car rallies. The 55-year old author and gentleman is an ex-trooper in the 2nd commando company of the Australian Army. He is a member of the Order of the Golden Dawn.

Armageddon 37005 AD * by Erick Wassammer
A Prophetic Look Into The Future
Publication Date: December 5, 2012
Trade Paperback; AU$29.99; 215 pages; 978-1-4797-2528-1
Trade Hardback; AU$49.99; 215 pages; 978-1-4797-2529-8
eBook; AU$3.99; 978-1-4797-2530-4

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