'Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals' by Peggy McAloon is Released

'Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals' by Peggy McAloon is Released

MENOMONIE, Wis., Aug. 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Roughly three million cases of child abuse are reported every year and many more go unreported. A new book has been published to help kids survive and thrive in a world filled with social injustices. The fantasy includes action, adventure, and a touch of magic to help kids understand that abuse and bullying must be reported to a trusted adult or friend.

Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals, written by Peggy McAloon, is about a Wisconsin girl who encounters winged creatures from another dimension. She captures one of the creatures entering Earth through the reflection of a child (reflective portal) in Lake Menomin. She is enticed to help the creatures protect the children of Earth by becoming an Earth Guide.

Will Elle be brave enough to oppose the evil forces that do everything in their power to keep guides like her from offering support to those in need?

This book accomplishes several important goals for child safety:

  • Provides a story that kids in trouble can relate to outside of classroom instruction on safety.
  • Gives hope to kids who have recently lost a parent, are keeping their "secret" of abuse, or who are being bullied.
  • Creates an escape for kids in trouble by providing hope.
  • Offers role models who are normal kids.

"When people ask me about the book," says author Peggy McAloon, "I tell them it is about the best friend we all dreamed of having as children. My hope is that every child who reads this book will learn to follow Elle's example and 'Have a Kind Heart'." McAloon is also seeking funding to provide the book free of charge to women's shelters in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and beyond.

Author Peggy McAloon is retired from the field of commercial credit, is the author of The Art of Business Credit Investigation, and is a recognized trainer and speaker. Her own journey through child abuse, depression, and a debilitating car accident elevated her desire to help children cope with their challenges in a way that will inspire and empower them.

Co-author Anneka Rogers (twelve) acted as a consultant on the book.

Catherine Gruener M.A., M.A., LCPC, NCC has prepared a two-page discussion sheet based on the story for parents. This is a free download on Peggy's website under the Book Tab. Ms. Gruener is a licensed clinical professional counselor and a nationally certified counselor. She has experience with anxiety, depression, and adjustment issues with adults and children

Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals (Publisher: Wheatmark, Juvenile Fiction, Trade Paperback & ebook, 6x9 inches, 274 pages, Suggested Retail Price: $13.95 paperback, $2.99 ebook, Author: Peggy McAloon and Anneka Rogers, ISBN: 978-1-62787-056-6 (paperback), ISBN: 978-1-62787-090-0 (ebook), LCCN:2014937880 It is available at online booksellers.


Wheatmark: http://bit.ly/1mDlP1K

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1qQKir8

Contact: Peggy McAloon, 715-962-2301, email

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'Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals' by Peggy McAloon is Released