Educational Children's Book, 'Tame Your Manners at K.A.M.P. Safari,' Receives Recognition

Educational Children's Book, 'Tame Your Manners at K.A.M.P. Safari,' Receives Recognition

PALM BEACH, Fla., May 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Interest and participation by libraries and schools grows as author, Loretta Neff and The Elegant Way Foundation, Inc. announced that their children's educational book, Tame Your Manners at K.A.M.P. Safari, received a coveted literary review by The Children's Book Review and further credibility of its message on manners with a prized testimonial from The Emily Post Institute.

Since its debut in March 2014, Tame Your Manners at K.A.M.P. Safari continues to charm children, parents, caregivers, and teachers across the country, and has already proven to be a "must-have" book for families and a teaching tool for at-risk and special needs children.

"We all know it's a jungle out there, so it might be time to head to K.A.M.P. (Kids' Animals & Manners Program)! Using wild animals and their traits as examples on how to and how not to behave in social and home settings, author Loretta Neff provides kids with an enjoyable and humorous approach to improving manners and etiquette and creating relatable experiences that put the lessons of social graces into perspectiveincluding bullying," states The Children's Book Review. To read the full review, please visit

Tame Your Manners also received a prized testimonial recently by the author's greatest teaching influence and an industry pioneer, The Emily Post Institute. Lizzie Post, author and spokesperson for The Emily Post Institute encapsulates the book, "Tame Your Manners at K.A.M.P. Safari is a creative and fun way to introduce kids to the concepts of etiquette that are the foundation behind most of our manners."

Author Loretta Neff, commented, "These types of endorsements not only meet the high standards of libraries and schools, but also demonstrate the value of the book even if published outside the traditional publishing realm. We knew that gaining the support of the literary world would not be easy on our own, but having control of the book project to meet our charitable mission was an important factor in our publishing decision. We're beating the odds, and are truly grateful for having the support of educators and literary professionals to help ensure our continued success."

Tame Your Manners can be purchased online and at national bookstores. For information, visit: and (All book proceeds from go to charity).

About the Author
Loretta Neff is president of the Elegant Way School of Protocol, a boutique etiquette firm represented in Fort Lauderdale, Naples, Orlando and West Palm Beach, Florida and has offered etiquette education to the private, public, and nonprofit sectors for almost two decades.

About The Elegant Way Foundation, Inc.
Loretta established the Elegant Way Foundation, in 2012, as a nonprofit organization to provide resources and training in social skills to other charities, missions, and schools.

Tame Your Manners At K.A.M.P. Safari
By Loretta Neff
Publisher: Author House and The Elegant Way Publishing, LLC
Publication date: March 2014
Suggested Retail Price: $14.95
ISBN: 978-1491829837
(Also available as an eBook)

Contact: Jamie O'Donnell / 407-234-7631

SOURCE The Elegant Way Foundation

Educational Children's Book, 'Tame Your Manners at K.A.M.P. Safari,' Receives Recognition