Dream Theories Discussed in Rita Hawi's New Book

Dream Theories Discussed in Rita Hawi's New Book

When the events in author Rita Hawi's dreams started coming true, she decided to investigate the symbolic language of dreams. Her new book, "Dreams Key to Our Soul" (published by Trafford Publishing), presents her findings in the studies of dreams, astrology, meditation and will power.

"Dreams are the best and easiest way to connect to our subconscious and find answers for everything we need to know and dreams can help us to create the reality we want," Hawi says.

"Dreams Key to Our Soul" shows readers how to connect with their subconscious and use it to better understand their dreams. By doing this, Hawi says readers will be able to create the reality they've always wanted.

Hawi combines 10 years of research with her personal experiences in order to draw conclusions on the meaning of dreams. Through her book, she hopes readers will have a better understanding of themselves and their desires.

An excerpt from "Dreams Key to Our Soul":

"First of all I want to wake up your interest for dreams by telling my dream and realizing the deeper meaning that this dream my unconscious wanted me to understand. My dream is from 2001 and I remember that H.H Dalai Lama told me to write it down."

"Dreams Key to Our Soul"
By Rita Hawi
Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 120 pages | ISBN 9781425185480
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
Rita Hawi was born in Finland and now lives in Israel. She works with diamonds and gemstones because she enjoys the energies of stones. She won several poetry contests and a song writing contest. Her first poem, "My Evening Walk," came from a dream.

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