Old science is dead, long live human progress.

According to expert actuary Dorn Swerdlin, we have the resources and ability to rid the world of war, terrorism, hunger, and more, but we need a "new science" frame of mind to do it. In his book, "A New Science Worldview: A New Paradigm for Living," Swerdlin argues the need to develop higher levels of consciousness for a more positive world.

"New science shows that our current world view is based on 300-year-old science," Swerdlin says. "While this may have been acceptable in an age of monarchs, it is now outdated and is adding to our current global problems."

Swerdlin has spent a considerable amount of time researching various theories such as Chaos Theory, Quantum Theory, and Gaia theory. In his new book, he applies these theories to society today and explains the steps needed in order to guide us to a better world.

"My book should appeal to those who see that our world is not working so well as it is," said Swerdlin. "Folks who are interested in challenging or changing their beliefs and methods of thinking, from the old to the new science worldview, will find my book to be incredibly informative. It is possible to improve the world."

"A New Science Worldview: A New Paradigm for Living"
By Dorn Swerdlin
ISBN: 978-1-45256-093-9
Retail price: $8.99 softcover
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About the Author
Dorn Swerdlin graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics in 1968. In 1980 he founded Swerdlin & Company, an actuarial consulting firm headquartered in Atlanta. He has been interested in the relationship between science and spirituality for his entire adult life. He lives in Atlanta with his wife Joanne and has two children and two beautiful grandchildren.

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