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Donald R. Bernard's Autobiography BULLION Now Available

Former Navy Commander, famed attorney and successful entrepreneur Donald R. Bernard, along with his co-author John Goldsmith, have penned an account of the historic late 20th century gold fix. Simply titled "Bullion," the shocking book relates the never before told story of why the price of gold doubled over a three week period in 1979.

An intricate blending of fact and fiction, Bernard has stated that the names "of the principle players" were changed and the story was filtered "through a dramatic lens to enhance the excitement factor, but this is essentially the true story as it happened." As one of two men commissioned to sell gold to private investors, Bernard did not realize that he was contending with a major international bank that smelled an opportunity to rig the market.

Given his experience in a variety of industries, Bernard felt well-equipped to handle the retelling of this momentous tale. After practicing and teaching law for over 30 years, Donald has evolved into an international businessman. He currently co-owns several South American enterprises: Golden Stag Safaris and Estancia Laguna Verde. The former is a prestigious big game hunting ranch while Estancia serves as one of Argentina's premier rainbow trout fishing grounds. His businesses have gained so much traction that Bernard was named one of the world's greatest entrepreneurs by the National Association of Advancing Business Organization in 2012.

Bernard has also held several illustrious positions in government and education. He acted as a Delegate for the first ever joint international bar conference between the USA and the USSR, and spent several years at the University of St. Thomas as a Professor of International Law.

It is Bernard's unique blend of worldly knowledge, entrepreneurial savvy and adventurer's heart that drove him to recount the epic events that took place in 34 years ago. His passion for relating the truth in an engaging matter is apparent throughout the book. And the sense of excitement and wonderment that he brings to the tale breathes the story life.

Donald Ray Bernard is a retired U.S. Navy Commander. He has devoted over thirty years of his life to practicing law, including 20 years as an attorney for Bernard & Bernard. Donald served as a Professor of International Law at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, and also as a guest lecturer at several other recognized universities.

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