Chris Downs Announces Giveaway for New Book

Chris Downs Announces Giveaway for New Book

Fresno, CA

Author Chris Downs has published a book that's truly different from anything else on the shelf and until July 1st, it's free! It's designed to be highly customizable and filled with scriptures for every Christian reader, while covering a vast array of different topics, and was created to be as simple to understand a book as possible. For those who don't know how to pray, or would like to know how to pray better; to those who simply need a greater insight into the true meaning of God's Word, this book truly does that for it's readers. Until July 1st, it's free on!

"I wrote Fortis Momentum (Latin for "Brave/Strong Movement") as a very unique book to help guide all Christians on living a life the way that God's truly called us to. We're all in this together, and we're all called to help one-another as far as we are capable and willing, and Fortis Momentum is a very rare tool that I know in my heart God will bless you with. It's truly written for you, to be used by you, and not just for you, but all who you'll affect because of it and the vast array of Biblical scriptures and understandings laid out in the easiest-to-understand ways possible!"
-Author Chris Downs

One reviewer had this to say:
"The style of writing is unique and refreshing, and the ideas and thoughts are conveyed with clarity and precision. The author goes about listing the thoughts in a methodical way, making it easy for readers to comprehend. The short assignments in the book also help in understanding some of the Scriptures. The book helps readers reinforce their faith in God and leads them to a better understanding of prayers and the Christian faith. A well written book that covers a relevant topic in a very refreshing way to make it interesting and understandable to readers."
-Mamta Madhavan, Readers' Favorite

Go to and grab your free copy now! Available on all major devices using Amazon's Kinndle App.

About the Author:
Chris Downs is an humble Christian who's parents instilled many great qualities in him. At age three, his mother began bringing him up with faith, and at the same time, his father, who was a science and math professor, began teaching him many great mysteries of how the world we live in works. Chris is currently set on becoming a professor, and is an International Relations student at Fresno Pacific University, and enjoys studying just about anything and everything. People often ask him many random questions, and that is why he chose to begin writing. Fortis Momentum is his first major release, and he is currently working on what he calls a "daunting task" of writing a novel that is intended to get the reader to see many different peoples' points of view, so that all who read it can see how we're all connected. He won't give any clues as to what this new novel will be about, but assures that it will be yet another truly unique book.