Catholic Priest Helps Stuck Souls Cross Over to the Other Side

TUCSON, Ariz., Oct. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ Over the past 20 years,†Nathan G. Castle, OP, says he has helped at least 250 people who died suddenly adjust to the afterlife. These victims of fires, automobile accidents, shootings, stabbings and drownings came to him in his dreams seeking help for resolving their Interrupted Death Experiencesô. And although such contact with the Other Side was not something he sought out, Father Nathan has come to believe that providing such help is something the Holy Spirit has given him to do.

In his new book, Afterlife, Interrupted: Helping Stuck Souls Cross Over, Father Nathan shares 13 of those stories-including that of a 20-year-old auto mechanic named Ray who died in 1960 in a car fire. Ray remained in a state of anger and isolation until Father Nathan and a prayer partner were able to help him to come to terms with his fate.

In an interview, Father Nathan can describe the unusual work he does with people who were conscious and healthy one moment and dead the next. "It can be a huge shock to the system and people can shut down," he says. He is quick to point out that not everyone who dies suddenly gets stuck. Father Nathan can answer such questions as:

  • Is death survivable?
  • Did he ask the dead for permission to share their stories?
  • What does he do to help people cross over?
  • Does time exist in the afterlife?
  • How did he assist Patrick Swayze's deceased sister?
  • Do deceased relatives help us adjust to moving through our deaths?

Praise for Afterlife, Interrupted

"Father Nathan has written from his deep experience of prayer, faithfulness to the Church, and dedication to his ministry as a priest. He has the profound desire to bring reconciliation and healing to those most in need." - Very Rev. Fr. Mark Padrez, OP, Prior Provincial, Province of the Most Holy Name of Jesus,
Oakland, California

Watch New York Times bestselling author Jack Canfield interview Father Nathan here.

About the author

Nathan G. Castle has been a Catholic priest of the semi-contemplative Dominican Order since 1979. Father Nathan has served as a campus minister at Arizona State University, University of California, Riverside, and Stanford University. Father Nathan lives in a community of Dominican men and women serving the University of Arizona in Tucson. Afterlife, Interrupted is his second book. He is also the author of And Toto, Too: The Wizard of Oz as a Spiritual Adventure, using it†as the basis for healing at the retreats he offers for spiritual groups, and survivors of natural disasters.

Media Contact:
Nathan G. Castle
(480) 650-5592

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