Caroline Hartmann Releases Tashi's Secret Treasures: A Playful Pup in the Petunia Patch

Caroline Hartmann Releases Tashi's Secret Treasures: A Playful Pup in the Petunia Patch

Tashi is a playful puppy that lives with Betty at Paradise Landing. One day Tashi decides to dig up some of Betty's prized petunias to find her secret treasures, while her long time friend the robin, warns Tashi by her cheerio chirp, to dig quickly before Betty arrives. Ignoring her friend's advice, Tashi gets caught in the act and doesn't have enough time to hide her treasure. The evidence of Tashi's comical misdeed is right there on her face, which is humourously illustrated with petunia petals all over Tashi's face.

Tashi's Secret Treasures is a delightful 33 page children's picture book and will be particularly treasured amongst households who may have a playful pet of their own. They will see, in Tashi, the humour of their loving pets - and they will see in Betty, the warm loving heart that forgives and forgets because playful pups and playful pets are to be loved and treasured.

Betty gives Tashi a bath and tells Tashi, "I can't stay mad at you for long, my little puppy didn't mean any wrong." Love conquers all. Betty knows she can always plant some new petunias, however, she doesn't know that Tashi is dreaming about hiding her new treasures in another secret hideaway.

This story has a wonderful rhythmical rhyme written by Caroline E. Hartmann and is beautifully illustrated by Stephen F. Connor making you want to "cheer up" Tashi as she learns her lesson about good behaviour.

Tashi's Secret Treasures is a lovely, newly released book that is geared for ages 0-3 and can be found at

About the Author:
Residing in Kitchener-Waterloo, Caroline studied English literature at the University of Guelph and is currently focusing on her 3rd children's book entitled: Tashi's Tale of Terror.

Tashi's Secret Treasures
By Caroline E. Hartmann
Illustrated by Stephen F. Connor