C.J. Ellisson's New Vampire Novel, BIG GAME, Available Now

C.J. Ellisson's New Vampire Novel, BIG GAME, Available Now

Who says married sex can't be hot? Writer C.J. Ellisson believes "…when you're a mature reader it gets annoying that your favorite genre completely overlooks the difficulty and challenges of keeping a relationship strong and sexually healthy as the years go on-which in my mind is a heck of a lot harder than falling into lust with the latest hot guy."

After all, who knows better than a woman what women want?

With the third book in her V V Inn series, author C.J. Ellisson confirms her status as a leader in the field of paranormal romance/contemporary fantasy. The witty and engaging combination of Vivian, a 580 year-old vampire and her gorgeous, human hunk of a husband Rafe, gives readers tons of hot and sexy action, together with the typical testy and fast-paced interchange of married life on the wild side. Vampire Vacation, The Hunt and Big Game (Red Hot Publishing) offer full satisfaction in more ways than one!

C.J. Ellisson's stories appeal equally to married couples and single women because she changed the one thing in the genre that she herself found unacceptable, "…the main characters' lack of relationship stability and constant bed-hopping. That may be fine when you're young and twenty-two," says Ellisson, "But many readers are in a steady relationship and want to enjoy a hot and steamy fantasy that involves a couple for a change."

Ellisson's main character Vivian has a capacity for drama, manipulation, violence, and control, which are put to the test in the first three volumes of the series. Together with Rafe, she owns a resort for the undead. Her supernatural ability to project physical illusions has created the perfect seasonal vacation spot-a dark and isolated Alaskan hideaway where visitors can have their wildest fantasies come true. Vivian finds a corpse in a locked guestroom just minutes before the next guests arrive and cool-headed Rafe manages to hide it, convinced that he and Vivian can find the culprit without disturbing anyone. However, they soon find that juggling the demands of their guests while tracking a killer is not easy.

The Hunt, second in the series, opens with seven vampires and seven werewolves preparing to hunt a supernatural criminal across the cold and bleak grounds of the resort. But when the prey's cunning and deadly instinct for survival kicks in, things spiral out of control.

Third in the series, Big Game, promises two fast-paced adventures; one involving the shooting of a werewolf at the resort and another as we follow our loving couple through the challenges of tracking exactly who suspects Vivian's most well-guarded secret.

C.J. Ellisson is quickly becoming a writer to contend with. Apart from her bestselling fantasy novels in her award-winning V V Inn series, she has published two erotica novellas and has contributed to seven anthologies. She has a new contemporary erotic romance series launching with Vanilla Dom this fall, and its sequel, Vanilla Twist, is expected to release this winter. She started Red Hot Publishing which now publishes fifteen authors and founded Everything Erotic, an adult content blog, which has over seven hundred paid subscribers on Kindle and over two thousand followers on Facebook. She also founded Red Hot Readers on Facebook to match small authors up with their three thousand interested readers.

C.J. Ellisson was featured as one of the 'sexperts' on Fox5 San Diego News in a segment highlighting the enormous popularity of erotic novels. For more information please visit: http://www.cjellisson.com.