BWW Interview: Paige McKenzie, Author and Star of THE SACRIFICE OF SUNSHINE GIRL

From starring in her own hit YouTube Channel series The Haunting of Sunshine Girl to co-writing a book trilogy about her main character Sunshine, and now, possibly to a TV series, Paige McKenzie has made quite the name for herself!

Today, we're excited to share our recent chat with Paige AND give away a SIGNED COPY of her newest book, THE SACRIFICE OF SUNSHINE GIRL--out today at bookstores everywhere!!!!

The full interview can be found here, along with a chance to WIN A SIGNED COPY of THE SACRIFICE OF SUNSHINE GIRL!!!!

Here's just a taste at the great chat we had with Paige!

--You've probably gotten this question a million times, but for anyone who hasn't gotten on the Sunshine train yet, how in the world did you go from a Youtube series to a YA trilogy?

I don't mind answering the same questions! While I'm happy with the popularity of all things Sunshine, I know a lot of people have not yet heard of it! The short answer of how Sunshine went from YouTube to a trilogy is a very smart literary agent thought it would be a perfect fit. There's only so much I can tell on YouTube. Backstory and details are not easily conveyed. So turning the story into books was a perfect way to fill in some of the blanks for the audience.

--Not everybody gets to tell a story through two different platforms. What's been your favorite part about filming the Youtube series, and what was your favorite part about writing the books?

YouTube is fun because the feedback and reaction from the audience is instantaneous. I can shoot, edit, post a video, and get comments all within an hour. Knowing what the fans like and are reacting to immediately is such a fun way to tell a story. With the books, I just love all things literary. The book world is so supportive and very female friendly. I have met some of the most amazing people because of the trilogy, including some of my favorite authors like Sarah Dessen!

--You started writing this series when you were sixteen years old. How has your initial concept changed and evolved over the years? (And how has it been saying goodbye to these characters as the trilogy comes to a close?)

I started the YouTube series when I was 16 and it was a few years later that the books came into my life. Sunshine is such a part of me that I'm not really saying goodbye. Part of what I love about the books are all of the new characters I was able to introduce. Some of those will carryover to the TV show so it's not really goodbye!

--Are you excited about the fact that your YouTube-turned-book series might now become a TV series? What would you hope to see in this new medium?

I flat out love TV! I am over the moon thrilled to have the opportunity to tell the Sunshine story on film but with a budget. The YouTube channel has a budget of literally zero. We film in our home and feed the actors whatever's in our fridge! The script and treatment for the TV show is amazing and I look forward to the opportunity to show it to the world.


Paige is the teen star of the hit YouTube channel The Haunting of Sunshine Girl. What began as a simple "girl and her haunted house" story has grown to a multi-webisode network with stories of zombies, ghosts, Sasquatch and lots of Sunshine! Full of positivity, humor and plenty of scares, The Haunting of Sunshine Girl has allowed Paige to spread her unique brand of adorkableness to other teens (and many adults) all over the world!

At the age of 16, Paige (along with her mother, actress Mercedes Rose and producing partner, Nick Hagen) co-founded the production company Coat Tale Productions. The Weinstein Company recently optioned The Haunting of Sunshine Girl for a multi-book and screen deal. Paige lives in Portland, Oregon.

You can find Paige on

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