Author Rev. Kemi Nahal Announces the Release of WHISPER OF THE FLAME

Author Rev. Kemi Nahal Announces the Release of WHISPER OF THE FLAME

In her new book "Whisper of the Flame: An Inner Journey into Your Sacred Flame Within" (published by Balboa Press), author, healer and singer-songwriter Rev. Kemi Nahal brings to her fans and to readers everywhere a rousing collection of poetry and angelic messages.

A musical powerhouse and an anointed singer and a healer versed in Reiki and the Rays of Light, Nahal has released nearly a dozen albums and ushered thousands of fans toward a closer walk with the divine. In her newest work, "Whisper of the Flame," she delivers a compelling collection of her original poetry and an enchanted story that will open the door to the Unseen World and reveal Eternal The Sacred Flame.

An excerpt from the poem "Personal Message" in "Whisper of the Flame":

"You are a flame
in God's living fire,

You are the dancing flame in God's Infinite furnace...

You are the Flame endlessly glowing
In God's heart"...
Feel the warmth of God's flame within your heart ..."

Since an early age, Nahal has had a divine permission unfold in countless angelic visitations and heavenly visions. The yearning with her heart and soul to manifest the Light of God through her gifts of music and writing has driven her to compose music, write enchanted stories and poetry, receive Divine messages and channel God's Light in many ways.

As Nahal explains, "There was a time where there was no question if there is God. People lived in harmony with nature and could see Angels, Essences, Nature Spirits, and Light Beings and were aware of the beautiful Unseen World and the Higher Spheres. Something happened long ago that separated and made humans lose their sensitivity and connections to the fine and the unseen lives.

"The whole concept of 'The crusades and search throughout history for the Hidden Treasure,' 'The Holy Grail,' and the search for Immortality and the Truth and the after life is not a physical search; it is an Inner Journey! The Treasure of God is within our Being!

"'Whisper of The Flame' will take you back to the core of your existence where you'll reconnect and find once again the Eternal Flame of GOD within your Spirit and soul - The I AM Presence - The Christ Consciousness.

When you'll become aware of the Divine Presence within your very own being - 'You will Become that Glowing Thing ... You will see through Eternity."

"Whisper of the Flame"
By Rev. Kemi Nahal
Softcover | 8.5 x 11in | 94 pages | ISBN 9781452552996
E-Book | 94 pages | ISBN 9781452552989
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
Rev. Kemi Nahal, ordained through the High Priesthood of Melchizedek, the White Brotherhood and the Esoteric Interfaith Theological Seminary, is a certified master healer teacher of holistic modalities such as Reiki, magnified healing, healing with the Rays of Light, and healing with angels, masters and guides. For the past 25 years, Nahal has worked in music therapy/healing and has been studying, teaching and lecturing, and she has been interviewed on local radio and television talk shows on esoteric and metaphysical topics. She is a graduate of the Academy of Music Rimon of Isreal, and she has produced and released 11 original music albums.