Author J.N. Cisse Discusses THE TRUE MEANING OF DAD

Author J.N. Cisse Discusses THE TRUE MEANING OF DAD

What did God intend for families today? Certainly not dead-beat dads or single, unsupported parents who struggle to provide spiritual, emotional and physical support. J.N. Cisse leads families to emotional and spiritual completion with his new book, "The True Meaning of Dad: Role of Man in the Family- Head of the House."

Cisse, who works with at-risk youth in the Niger Delta, has seen the effects of insecure homes and ineffective parenting firsthand. He hopes to help parents everywhere meet God's higher expectations, instead of accepting failure and giving rise to all kinds of problems evident in the world today.

"When children don't know a father figure, they lose a person that can guide them through many obstacles," Cisse says. "Of course there are exceptions but this cycle often perpetuates."

In the book, Cisse identifies the roots of complex family problems in society and offers solutions to reverse these trends. He helps men and women understand the importance of a father figure as the head of household by outlining biblical expectations for the family and connecting those principles with modern times. From the story of Adam and Eve to current trends and distortions of the family unit, Cisse addresses many tough topics facing families today.

"Society has ventured far from the reference point provided in the Bible," Cisse says. "I hope this book reminds readers of the original intent behind homes, marriage and families."

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"The True Meaning of Dad: Role of Man in the Family- Head of the House"
By J.N. Cisse
ISBN: 9781449786410
Available in softcover and e-book formats

About the author
Being the second and last child of his parent, J.N. Cisse had a firsthand experience of the stringent challenges associated with child upbringing in a single-parent home. Cisse currently lives and works in Nigeria's Delta. When he isn't working with at-risk youth, Cisse enjoys writing and spending time with his family.