Author Daniel Lang Rediscovers the Real Jewish First-century Messianic Faith Lost to the Modern World

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SKOKIE, Ill., Aug. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ In 1517, Martin Luther kicked off the Protestant Reformation. Now, 500 years later, an author of Jewish descent, Dr. Daniel Lang, boldly attempts to sit in the seat of past reformers.

An important new book, Reviving the Reformation: A Jewish Believer Peers Backward to Move Biblical Truth Forward, uncovers the biblical first-century Messianic faith which has been shrouded by traditional Christian alteration and faulty Jewish refutation. This investigation travels backward to recover the beliefs and practices of the very first Jewish believers in Jerusalem.

Though written from a conservative point of view, this book does not often follow the traditional Christian or Jewish party lines. Already two prominent Messianic Jewish organizations have refused to allow exposure of this book to their members through advertising.

Reviving the Reformation explores questions and offers some powerful answers that some dare not even ask. Reading it may be an unsettling journey for those who are willing to reevaluate the truth of their faith positions. With biblical faith fading fast in Western culture, now is the time to restore the truth by reviving the Reformation.

More information is available fromDaniel Langat:
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