Ania G. Set to Release 'Alone in the Crowd'

Life, for those that mentor and advocate Ania G. calls, "Endo Girls," can often be quite painful. Their health condition, endometriosis, involves tissue that would ordinarily line the uterus growing outside of it, commonly involving the ovaries, bowel, or tissue lining the pelvis. Despite the discomfort that those living with endometriosis may encounter Ania, who has personally dealt with this condition, urges women to stay strong and remain positive. Her upcoming book Alone in the Crowd aims to help others with endometriosis live well, and is slated for release January 27, 2015 through Next Century Publishing.

Ania G.'s viewpoint on endometriosis is unique for several reasons. For one, she is a passionate advocate of opening up a dialogue about the condition, particularly between men and women. Embarrassment and insecurity only exacerbate the issue and put strain on relationships, particularly those between romantic partners. Women also don't often share their pain with friends and family; it is helpful to spread knowledge such as: EndoFact: The average woman with endometriosis will lose 10 hours per week of productivity due to the disease. Ania hopes that by being open and honest, those with endometriosis can grow a culture of sharing and understanding with their loved ones.

Another unique aspect to Ania G.'s views on endometriosis is her advocation of alternative medicine. Because the disorder affects everyone differently, effective treatment does not always manifest in the same way; women often must find their own methods by listening to their bodies. For Ania herself, the search has included trying Irology, traditional Chinese methods, and countless others to get to a point where she can live well with endometriosis, as well as: EndoHealth Tip: Get regular massages to help control pain and reduce tension. She encourages all those with the condition, no matter what treatment they choose, to take diet very seriously and heed such advice as her EndoHealth Tip: Avoid wheat because wheat feeds Candida growth and many women with endometriosis suffer from Candida overgrowth. Clean eating and a healthy lifestyle are cornerstones to managing endometriosis.

Finally, Ania stresses that those with endometriosis are not victims. Due to the mental and emotional aspects of the condition, as well as the difficulty of diagnosis, staying strong is essential. There is hope, but positivity must start within.

Ania G.
Ania is an author, coach, counselor, and blogger who is a long-time endometriosis sufferer turned advocate. She now works to provide help to those who are dealing with this condition and its many side effects. Read more about her story at

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